Friday, January 14, 2011

Reince Priebus To Be New Head Of RNC

Reince Priebus just won the job as head of the Republican National Committee.

Priebus is an interesting pick. He's currently chairman of the Republican Party in Wisconsin and at 38, fairly young as the sort of people who fill these sort of jobs go. That may give him to ability to be more tech savvy and energetic when it counts.

The Wisconsin Republicans added a U.S. senate seat, the governor's office and control of the state legislature from Democrats in the midterms in what was a blue state, so that's a plus.

On the other hand, both GOP Senator Ron Johnson and Governor Scott Walker were largely self-funding...and Priebus not only does not have an encouraging record when it comes to fund raising, but as Dan Riehl mentions, has been stonewalling legitimate questions about it.

That does not inspire confidence,frankly.Given the mood of the country, the GOP is on probation as it is.

Fund raising is a key part of the gig and a lot of donors got into the habit of bypassing the RNC and just kicking in for their preferred candidates during the odious Michael Steele's tenure, something that doesn't bode well if Priebus has a problem with pulling money in.

However, we'll see. If Priebus knows what he's doing administratively and politically, and knows what to do and where to do it, people whose special talent is getting donors to fork over can be hired.

We'll see what develops.

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B.Poster said...

"We'll see what develops." From the description provided of this gentlemen, it pratical screasm "establishment Republican." Another way to express this is "Democrat lite." Of course I hope and pray I'm wrong.

SecondComingOfBast said...

Well, I think I'll be staying away from Dan Riehl's blog for a week or two.

Naw-I won't.

Anonymous said...

Insofar as I am not a Republican, ( well, I was a Ford Republican, ca 1974 - 1979, particularly in Oregon, ) I hesitate to voice any opinions re intra-Republican politics ( I'm already a ' dragon ' & a ' dinosaur ' & have no wish of being accused of being a ' Rhino ' ... is that the correct form ? ... ), but it was obvious that the GOP desperately needed a change at the top. Our local, incumbent US House Democrat was ousted by an independent, up-start, Tea-Drinking Republican candidate in Nov 2010, but the margin was only 200 to 300 votes. They had to count the absentee ballots before the formal promulgation of the electoral certification. ( As I was an absentee voter myself, I derived much contentment from that. ) I volunteered some free time during the campaign in order to help. The senior volunteers privately were livid about the upper echelons of the GOP : the DC GOP rendered no assistance whatsoever -- nil, naught, nought, nothing, nada, zero, zilch. The GOP DCers were busy quixotically chasing their California chimera Senate seat ; they should have been helping to snatch winnable swing seats. A lot of GOP winners in the House contests were winning DESPITE their abandonment by the Washington, DC GOP. Insofar as I'm temporarily allied & aligned with the fed GOP through 2012, I hope that this leadership change will be a turning point. I'm wanting to believe, I'm willing to believe, I'm wishing to believe, but I'm waiting to believe !


Anonymous said...

Reince Priebus: Yup, remove the vowels and you get....

RNC PR BS (so what's new, eh?)Just stay the hell out of Canada! Screw up your own country! Say, which country has 0 (zero) bankruptcies for health costs???? USA or Canada?
Which country is on the egde of economic collapse? Which country spends most of it's treasure making "wars" (that can't be won)? Which country has the shorter life expectancy? Most abortions, most murders, most guns, most homeless, most bigots? Hmmmmm, let me guess... Fine, delete the message...doesn't change the truth, eh?

B.Poster said...


I see you're familliar with the standard pr line regarding America. Everyone is. I'd suggest looking at other sources besides the main stream media in formulating your opinion, however, there is a truth to what you write. America simply must do a better job of getting its message out.

Who the RNC nominates or appoints as its chairman is not your concern. I'd suggest staying out of it, as its none of your business. If the US poked its nose in Canada's business you'd scream bloody murder as would the media. So I'd suggest staying out of ours.