Friday, January 21, 2011

This Week's Leftist Smear Target - Glenn Beck

The Leftist Climate of Hate now has a new target - Glenn Beck. Check out this frantic tweet from Lizard Boy:

What Chuckie is wetting his drawers about is a post from one of his LGF lackeys claiming that Glenn Beck, Master of Evil is telling his audience to 'shoot Democratic leaders in the head.'

And other minions of the Left quickly aped it, like a bunch of puppies peeing on a tree.

The LGF post itself merely provides this video clip,without any context:

Here's a transcipt, which makes it easy to see that the 'you' Beck was referring to were indeed Leftist politicians and media shills - but the 'they' are the extreme radicals the establishment Left cuddles with who don't consider what they're being promised to be mere rhetoric and actually want to start a violent revolution if they don't get everything they've been led to believe they're entitled to.

Beck is actually warning Leftist politicos that they are playing with dynamite with their class warfare rhetoric and that if the radicals take it seriously and erupt,"You’re going to have to shoot them in the head. But they may shoot you."

I realize that these people,particularly Chuckie lost all semblance of respect for truth long ago..but it's important to show this garbage up for how ridiculous it actually is. Even worse, this kind of hatred steams up exactly the sort of people Beck is warning about and puts people like Beck and Sarah Palin and their families in real physical danger.

FTR, I'm not particularly a fan of Glenn Beck. But compared to what passes for civilized,intelligent discourse on the Left, he's a combination of Einstein and Martin Luther King Jr.

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