Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rutgers Puts Apartheid Against Jews Into Practice

Rutgers, which bills itself as the State University of New Jersey has long been a hotbed of Leftist politics and 'anti-Zionist' activity.But this time the University went far beyond its normal tolerance for Jew haters and had the campus police enforce a restricted event.

Last night, campus police barred some 400 Jewish students and their supporters from attending what was billed as an anti-Zionist gathering at Rutgers' New Brunswick campus. The group included some Holocaust survivors,who undoubtedly had a few memories of seeing signs like the one above.

Yes Jews were indeed unwelcome at a student-sponsored event put on by an 'anti-Zionist' coalition calling itself "Never Again for Anyone". When the group arrived for its event and saw that they were outnumbered by about 4-1 by Jewish protesters, they called the campus police and specifically asked them to bar Jews wearing kippas or carrying signs protesting the event. A handful of the kind of Jews these people knew and were willing to tolerate,coming from groups like International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, Americans for Muslims in Palestine and Jewish Voice For Peace were allowed to attend without a problem...shades of the old Auschwitz 'selection' process!

The event was advertised as an open invitation campus-wide,in accordance with Rutgers policy that all student-sponsored activities to be open to the public.In spite of that, requests to university officials from the Jewish students asking for access to the event were denied and Rutgers campus police continued to enforce the ban.

As for the Jewish students, led by Aaron Marcus, they simply gathered with their supporters outside the event and sang religious songs in Hebrew.

"We wanted to protest this event because as the children and grandchildren of victims of the Holocaust we believed it to be absolutely absurd to compare Israeli act of self defense to the vicious, systematic murder of millions of Jews, Catholics, Gays, Gypsies, Russians and others," Marcus said.

The President of Rutgers is Richard L. McCormick, and he's made a number of high sounding statements about diversity and academic freedom in the past, some of which are touted on the University's website.

He can be e-mailed at And for those of you whom live in New Jersey and want to know why a public university you support with your tax dollars is acting in this manner, you might want to ask Governor Christie about it.

(h/t,the Elder of Ziyon)

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Anonymous said...

I'm appalled. Here's my note to Christie: Sir,

I read with dismay that Rutgers (a college that receives state funds)allowed an event that barred Jews from attending. That's unacceptable, and if allowed to contine could lead to dire consequences. I've followed with great interest your career as a no-nonsense leader. I pray for you and your family regularly, something which I wouldn't have been allowed to do at the State School event, because while I'm a Christian by choice, I'm of Jewish descent. I do not support the state funding such exclusive opportunities and thereby TRAINING students to hold bigoted attitudes at worst or to allow them at least.

As the Navy Seals say, "The only hard day is today." I respectfully submit that you tackle this now rather than wait until things ramp up further. Stand against anti-Jewish events, attitudes and demonstrations at your state university.

Leilani Rector

PS check spelling of vicious in third paragraph from the bottom.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Leilani,
Nice to have you drop by.

The spelling was as given in the linked article, but I corrected in anyway!

I'd be very surprised to see Christie to do anything about this, BTW.


Anonymous said...

One important point for Mr Marcus : Adolf Hitler was a Roman Catholic. In fact, he very nearly became a Roman denomination minister or priest ( can't recall which term is used ). Otherwise, I agree completely with him re this outrage.


Rosey said...

As a Jersey boy I am offended by this, but not surprised. As your body count shows you, Rutgers has a large, vibrant, vocal and dedicated Jewish community. They have a Chabbad, which runs a kosher dining hall that Rutgers was forced to accept as an alternative to mandatory board for those living in dorms. I think you'll hear more about this story, it's not going away.