Thursday, January 06, 2011

Juan Williams: "NPR Has An Ingrown Culture That's Not Open To Real News"

NPR just finished a review conducted by a well known, politically connected law firm of the circumstances that led to Juan Williams' contract being terminated.

The official result: they found NPR's termination of Williams' contract 'full legal'(no surprise there)but also concluded it was 'handled poorly' and that a sacrificial lamb was needed to appease people who saw something rather intolerant in what happened to Williams,and more importantly to act as a push back against any efforts to get them off the Federal gravy train and cut their funding.

So Senior Vice President for News Ellen Weiss, the one who fired Williams over the phone 'resigned', and NPR CEO Vivian Schiller( whose orders Weiss was carry out) will forfeit her bonus for 2010.

As you can imagine, Juan Williams had a few things to say about what goes on in the belly of the beast.

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louielouie said...

after listening to mr. williams comments, i just wonder.
when did he develop this view of npr?
was it after his termination?
if this ellen person was keeping all of her friends around and each other protecting each other, as mr. williams states, why did he work there in the first place?
if it was so bad before, why not get another gig?
i also don't put any credence in mr. williams comment regarding this being good for npr because it will bring in another person with a different perspective of the news.
npr is npr is npr is npr is npr.......

Freedom Fighter said...

Good point, Louie.

He was certainly willing to deal with these people while the money was coming in!