Monday, January 10, 2011

IDF Recaptures 5 Out Of 6 Hamas Terrorists Released By Abbas Last Week

As you'll recall, PA capo del tutti d'Ramallah Mahmoud Abbas showed his commitment to peace with Israel and the rule of law by releasing six Hamas terrorists some of whom were involved in the brutal murder of four Israeli civilians less than 4 months ago near the town of Beit Chaggai in Judea, at the Bani Naim junction.

The killers ambushed them while they were driving on the highway after the IDF had removed a checkpoint, pulled them out of their bullet riddled car and then fired multiple shots into them at point blank range.

Abbas held them for a few months and then simply released them.

I'm happy to note that the IDF promptly captured five of these scum during an overnight operation in Hevron and took them back to Israel, where they'll be tried and sentenced...although not with anything like the penalty they deserve. One of the ones caught was Wael Bitar, a Hamas operative who was one of the planners of the August 31 Beit Haggai murders.

Bitar was also involved in a 2008 homicide bombing in Dimona, which murdered one Israeli and injured ten others. Apparently the PA briefly detained him back then too, and then released him.

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louielouie said...

this is a waste of time.
this should have been handled by the mossad.