Thursday, February 09, 2012

Dinosaur Media Gets There At Last On Iran Explosions, Assassinations

A number of dinosaur media outlets are running stories today about a series of explosions and assassinations in Iran targeting the country's illegal nuclear program...and the probabilty of Israel's Mossad, working hand in hand with Iranian dissidents in the Mujahadeen-e-Khalq (MEK) as the culprits.

Characteristic of MSNBC that they would use the 'terrorist' label for MEK while avoiding it like the plague for groups like Hezbollah and Hamas..or for the Iranian regime itself for that matter. Must be the stigma MEK gets from working with Israel.

Of course, if you read Joshuapundit, you knew all about this three months ago.

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Anonymous said...

The inane individuals of the MSM (NBC to be exact) are now using "experts" to call Israel a terrorist state because they support or cause the assassination thereby causing "terror" in the Iranian nuclear community. These morons would have labeled the partisans fighting the Nazis as terrorists too since they did the exact same thing...assassinate Nazis leaders who were working to exterminate you while trying to minimize civilian casualties. Something is truly wrong with these so-called expert, the MSM and their hangers-on. Not sure even a psychologist could fix that.