Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Iran To Deploy 15,000 Troops To Syria To Aid Assad

Al Arabiya has reported that Iran's Revolutionary Guard has now deployed 15,000 armed troops to Syria recently in order to help Syria's Bashar Assad against rebel forces.

This corroborates a communication I had had from a source of mine on the ground that Assad has had a decent amount of defections from his army, almost entirely among Sunni troops.Hezbollah has also sent trained troops to fight for Assad, who like most of Syria's elite is a member of the Shi'ite Alawite sect.

In talking about Syria, always remember that this is the battle ground where the Iranian dominated Shi'ite bloc and the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood bloc meet. Syria is a crucial link in Iran's sphere of influence,and they're not going to give it up easily.

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