Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Note To Wanna Be Jihadis - Don't Mess With Texas

That's for sure.

“He was screaming, ‘Allah is great, Allah is great,’” said Nancy Haywood, passenger. “And it kind of worries you when that happens, but believe me, there were enough men to hold him down.”

And they did. Men on the plane jumped up and ran to assist the flight attendant.
“Every guy that was in my area was ready to go,” said Mark Foster, passenger. “It was not even a thought. You can tell buckles were off and people were already leaning toward the aisles.”

The men subdued the unruly passenger while the flight attendant ran to the back and retrieved plastic handcuffs and ankle cuffs.

“It almost made me cry to see the way everybody responded because the gentlemen that could help got up and helped the stewardess; she was just a little bitty thing,” said Jeanna Wisher. “What happened should have happened, everybody got up and did a part that needed to do it.”

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louielouie said...

as we speak, the personal details of each one of these peoples lives, is being prepared for international exposure.
drivers license numbers.
social security numbers.
hell, i bet if ff let's that anonymous twit's comment through on this he alone would excorciate them.
about three or four alphabet organizations are preparing lawsuits against all individuals flying on this plane. as one passenger said, everyone was doing what needed to be done.
you just can't see a report about this without the lamestreammedia ending it with a, "there was no security risk involved" disclaimer.
that reporter doesn't want to suffer the same fate as the iranian activist in her driveway.