Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sarah Palin: 'I'm game' to run for office; All bets are off' in a brokered convention

Hmmm..could this be what she's been planning all along? Absolutely brilliant if it falls into place, and I could just see her taking the ball and running with it.


Scott Kirwin said...

But would she get creamed in the Red Zone or would she make it all the way? Man I already miss football.

It would be interesting if Obama used his billions to pound the wrong candidate. I personally like her but I'm not sure if she has the heart of a Machiavelli to pull that off.

Rob said...

I think she'd win, for a number of reasons.

1) She'd excite the GOP base like no other candidate.

2) She is an amazingly eloquent conservative who knows how to communicate and relate on a gut level with ordinary Americans.

3) She would destroy Obama in debate just as she destroyed Joe Biden, because she's a lot smarter than he is, and because she would refuse to follow the media monitor's agenda. In fact, I think Obama would use the Rose Garden excuse not to have to debate her.

4) Everything negative that the Democrats and their media servants could dig up or invent to throw at her has already been thrown out there, thus negating a lot of the Dem's edge.

Does she have the smarts to pull it off? This is someone with the ninja political skills to go from being a failed VP candidate to the hottest political ticket in America, and she did it entirely on her own without any help from the Republican establishment - and you wonder whether she would be able to pull off a win at a brokered convention?

I don't.In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the plan all along.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Let me get this straight. You think that a woman who attended 5 colleges in 6 years and is unable to answer softball questions (like 'what did you do today?') is able to look into the future one year (about the time when Bristol let it slip that her mom had decided not to run) and predict that there would be a brokered convention - something that hasn't happened in 50 years and is far less likely in today's media environment?

Believe it or not, she does need some of the Republican establishment behind her to pull off any such feat and that's not going to happen because they tend to have IQs above her 50-60 range and realize that she isn't able to run a two-car funeral, much less a campaign. Besides, she quits everything she does anyway - what would be the point? Like always, she's just looking for attention.

Good luck with your fantasy. Can't wait to see her when she inevitably pops up on Celebrity Apprentice in a last-ditch attempt at relevance.

Rob said...

Heh heh heh. I guess we'll see, won't we anonymous?

Given the understandable desire for people to see the back of our Dear Leader and their dissatisfaction with the two current Republican candidates, anything could happen. The Hitler Youth over at Daily Kos are even telling their readership to vote and caucus for Santorum, a decent man who has little chance of winning IMO.

Given her reception at CPAC as well as just about everywhere else she goes, I wouldn't exactly count her out. If nothing else, she's going to use her PAC and her influence to see that a number of the more odious Democrats go down in flames, just like she did in 2010.

It always fascinates me how nonentities with little going for them envy the accomplished.Why waste the energy?

Actually, given how you feel, you ought to be pulling for her to be the GOP nominee. Our Dear Leader will beat her easily and waltz into a second term, right? That's what you want, isn't it?

Or can it be that there's just a little fear, a little scintilla of doubt? Yes, I can smell it all over you.Because someone like you doesn't waste insults and slander on someone like Governor Palin unless there is.


louielouie said...

Wow. Let me get this straight. you want to give bush a fourth term in office, and you come in here and insult the intelligence of someone else. yeah you read that correctly. but a person like yourself doesn't do well with details. that's why you're a liberal socialist. if you did look at the details, and take the word of your own guy, you would realize what you have done is give us bush's third term. look at his own words. his defense of the stimulus was, bush did it. his defense of fast and furious was, bush did it. even those two, fast and furious and wide receiver have been proven to be different, his words still stand. here's a thought. either close guantanamo, or move there yourself. what you people have done is give us bush's third term in office, and you want to give him a fourth. and then you insult someone else's intelligence.
here's an idea, let's pass this legislation to see what's in it. that's what your leadership says?
that's what your party's leadership, the cream of your forgetting crop, says as policy??
the only thing that pisses me off more than your idiotic post is that i have to live in the country you are destroying. move to guantanamo.
forget you.

in a last-ditch attempt at relevance.

and you comment here because?????