Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mooch-elle's Song: 'You Load Sixteen Bags, What Do You Get - Another Vacation'...

A creative little ditty from my pal Granny Jan..via Capitalist Preservation:

You load sixteen bags what do you get
Another vacation and we're deeper in debt
I go to exotic places every three weeks
I owe my soul to Soros and the sheiks

I was born one morning with a chip on my shoulder
It only got worse as I got older
They loaded sixteen bags of Louis Vuitton
And the one percent said a job well done

You load sixteen bags what do you get
Sixteen vacations and the country in debt
Shopping at Target fools the peons
I owe my soul to Barneys and Bijans

Went to school on affirmative action
Married the president now I'm the attraction
Air Force Two is at my beck and call
16 exotic destinations in all

Does the media report? Not at all.
I owe my soul to Media Matters

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