Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jesus, The Devil And The GOP


As Rick Santorum surged to become the Republican party frontrunner, I predicted that the Left and their media lackeys were going to frame him as a religious extremist nutcase. And that they'd have plenty of help from a great many things the Senator has said over the years.

The problem is not so much the demonization - that would be expected towards anyone running against our Dear Leader in 2012 - but the way it's been handled by Santorum and his campaign. And the fact that he actually is an outspoken social conservative who favors big government solutions to the issues.

Instead of saying something along the lines of 'this president wants to make this campaign about religious faith and contraception to deflect the American people from looking at his abysmal record and his mismanagement of the economy', Senator Santorum jumps in and questions the president's Christian values, calling the president’s environmental extremism representative of a “phony theology”....instead of hammering him on Solyndra and the green energy scams involving millions of taxpayer dollars doled out to deserving campaign contributors. Or going into a few details on what the president's war on coal and oil companies has done to the price of food, gas and commodities for the average American.

Even worse, after getting nailed by the media frenzy, he walked it back, saying he 'of course' wasn't really questioning Barack Obama's Christian values. After which the regime's media lackeys unearthered past video snippets of the senator doing exactly that!

Assuming he felt he had to mention theology at all, just imagine if instead of backing off he'd doubled down like this:

"I actually do question the president's values. No one who sat in Reverend Jeremiah Wright's church for two decades and listened to the bile featured there could possibly call himself a Christian, in my view. Nor would a Christian vote to deny medical care to living infants who survived an abortion, a position more extreme than even NARAL's. Or hold a luxurious Superbowl party while women, children and old people were freezing to death in Kentucky and FEMA dragged its feet for weeks .

I don't know what President Obama's religious views are, and it has no bearing on the issues of this campaign. But in my opinion, he does not reflect Christian values as I've understood them since childhood."

Of course, Rick Santorum did nothing of the kind - which is exactly why he's likely headed for defeat in the general election against the president.

Senator Santorum is a decent, likeable man with very little executive experience and apparently no real understanding of what its going to take to defeat President Obama in November. Even worse, he's essentially a big government conservative who insists on making a crusade out of cultural, religious and social issues.

'Satan has his eyes on America'? The definition of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is 'to do the morally right thing'? How religious do you have to be to board this train, and who judges?

And the fact that Senator Santorum is correct in much of what he had to say doesn't matter one bit. Moderates and even small government conservatives are going to jump off the train in droves if Rick Santorum is the nominee.

Rush Limbaugh, astute observer that he is instantly realized how bad it's going to be to try to defeat President Obama on religious values rather than his abysmal performance in the Oval Office.

Nor has Mitt Romney been doing much better of late. While he would probably do better against the president in the general, he also seems to lack the fire to take this president on in the way he's going to have to if he wants win. And he has noticeably failed to excite the base.

Again, it seems to me that the GOP movers and shakers have decided to forfeit this election, at least as far as the presidential race is concerned. They're probably figuring on the economy collapsing somewhere during Obama's second term and picking up the pieces in 2016.

Except there are a few points they're leaving out of their calculation.

First, the down ticket effect of a GOP loss means that at best, control of Congress is going to remain split between the two parties. At worst, it could mean a Democrat takeover of both Houses.

That means ObamaCare isn't going to be repealed and that President Obama will have four more years to incorporate his radical agenda. This country will be unrecognizable by 2016, and the fiscal nightmare we're facing might not even be repairable by 2016 no matter who gets into the Oval Office. You can also count on President Obama to continue to gut our military and to worsen the foreign policy blunders that even now are starting to become evident.

Second, the next president is going to be able to pick two new Supreme Court Justices at least, and looking at whom the president's choices have been thus far you can just imagine what he's going to pack the Court with. The ramifications will go on for decades.

And third, if the GOP establishment figures things are going to fall nicely into their laps in 2016, they're going to be in for a rude awakening. 2012 might be the last time the American people are going to trust them with governing.

The election of 2012 was an election the Republicans should have been able to win handily.If they fail to unseat President Obama I wouldn't be surprised in the least to see them go the way of the Whigs, as a new party forms to try and restore our Republic and takes in a lot of the old Reagan coalition, including a lot of the GOP's rising stars .


louielouie said...

what will fall into their laps prior to 2016, will be the repeal of the 22nd ammendment.
venezuela here we come.
as most of the republicans are simply conservative democrats, they will be absorbed into the fold. bill kristol will continue to call himself a conservative just to give fox the appearance of fair and balanced. whateverthef*** that means.
all others will be excorciated by the media machine as loons.
and don't give me "this country is a right of center country". that may have been the case 30 years ago. that was then, this is now. i.e., reagan carried california. think that would be possible now? this was the repubs election to lose and they will. and no one. not one single person, will stand up to him. no one will call him on anything. no one will. i can't wait to see bush at the republican convention. if it's even televised. i wonder if the media will even cover it.

Gerard said...

I'm British and still live here in this God-forsaken landscape of lefty politics. I look across to the US and recall the Reagan years, and remember man who, with Thatcher, gave a leadership the World hasn't had since Churchill.

Win or lose, America needs Sarah Palin to compete for the Presidency - at least then there would be a debate about the fundamental issues, rather than a negotiation about who's going to screw up the US the quickest...

B.Poster said...

I don't think it is a matter of conceding the 2012 election. Hopefully they are not that dumb. Its unlikely the country can survive another 4 years of the policies of Mr. Obama and his team. With that said though they may not fully grasp the seriousness of the problems the country faces.

The Russians, Chinese, and the leaders of other major powers no doubt wake up each and every morning giving thanks to whatever god or gods they believe in that the problems their nations face are nowhere near as severe as those faced by America. Whether we like the leaders of those countries or not those are men whose actions are based upon reality and not upon what one might wish reality is. Part of being an ideologue is getting to make up your own reality. America is governed by to many ideologues and not enough realists. Of course a left wing ideologue gets to call himself or herself a "realist" and they never haver to worry about any one in the media questioning them on it!!

I think what this comes down to is twofold. 1.)The Repbulican leadership is trying to force Mitt Romney down the throats of the Republican party and neither Republican voters nor "independents/moderates" want Mr. Romeny. Yet they are bent on forcing this man down their throats. Nothing against Mr. Romney but the people have simply seen what he has to sell and don't want to buy. 2.)This is definitely not a "right of center nation." This is emphatically a "left of center nation" and perhaps even a hard left one at this point. As such, Conservative policies such as those advocated by the "base" simply don't sell well.

For the country to survive, Mr. Obama MUST be beaten or he MUST change course. Since I don't see him or his team changin course and the chances of the country surviving another four years of the same are so astronomically low it is not even worth calculating the odds other than to point out they are almost non existent, I see no other choice but to work towards his defeat.

As such, the Republicans must unite behind someone who can defeat him and work to support this candidate. I had hoped Mr. Romney could wrap this up quickly so we could unite behind him, flawed as he is, since he is going to get the nomination any way. If this goes to the convention and/or the RNC has to award him the nomination by hook or crook, which they will, then this could be a mess and we might really be seeing the end of the Republican party.

There may be another factor at work here as well. The Democrats control the entire government beuracracy which includes but is not limited to the EPA, OSHA, ICE, the IRS, the FBI, the National Labor Relations Board, the CIA, the public education system grades k-12, the professorships, management, and administration of the major universities, and the news media.

With this kind of control by one party it makes it very difficult for another party to be able to survive. The Republicans have managed to remain viable due in large part to a go along to get along philosphy with the more powerful party. This may, in part, explain their actions here.

The problem with this approach is, at some point, the Democrats willl find they no longer need the Republicans for any purpose, even for a scapegoat when things don't work out. As such, a confrontation is likely inevitable. The Republicans should be preparing for this. If they don't make a stand now, there may never be another opportunity for them to do so.

louielouie said...

this is a comment i found at some other blog. i'm sure ff has discussed this issue here, but this was close at hand:

Greece promises to cut pensions, the public and private minimum wage, health-care, layoff state employees and sell government assets employing lots of government employees. Unemployment is already over 20 percent

see that part about cutting health care?
see that part about cutting state employees?
and WTH does the current occupant of the white house give us?
there is no one, that will call him on this.
no one.
not a single person will call him on this.