Sunday, February 12, 2012

Samuel L. Jackson: "I Voted For Obama Just Because He's Black",0,214,314_.jpg

Kudos to Mr. Jackson for being honest enough to admit what most of President Obama's black supporters won't.

In an interview with Ebony magazine, Jackson explained, "I voted for Barack because he was black. 'Cuz that's why other folks vote for other people — because they look like them ... That's American politics, pure and simple. [Obama's] message didn't mean [bleep] to me."

As I've said before, racism comes in all colors. Dr. Martin Luther King's dream is still a ways off, and in my opinion black Americans with the mentality of Mr. Jackson are a large part of the obstacle to it being realized.


Anonymous said...

I would guess that he's more than balanced out by those who voted against Obama because he's black. Like those people at CPAC this weekend who screamed the n-word and those on the Fox News messageboards who called Whitney Houston racist names. I won't hold my breath waiting for you to chastise them...

Rob said...

Anonymous, I dislike the ad hominum,but you've earned it - maybe it will shock you into self -awareness. Not only are you a coward, but you're simply a liar.

Let's start with the liar part first.What you're talking about is a piece by the site Left wing site, Gawker, ( and repeated on the only slightly less truth challenged site 'Crooks and Liars'). Gawker is a collection of some of the most fact challenged,degenerate a-holes on the planet. That's the site that ran a piece by one of their 'writers' going into detail about how he'd rape and torture conservative women.

What Gawker is alleging is a flat out lie,and Breitbart is all over it..complete with video evidence.

Not only that, but I know people who were at CPAC. All of them when asked say that you and the Soros media you depend on to fuel you are full of it.

I also know that you're full of it because if anything like that had actually happened and there was any evidence, it would be a page one headline on all of Obama's pet media outlets.

Here's how CPAC actually deal with racists, unlike the #OWS crowd and their acceptance of anti-Semitism.

This is the same garbage that was attempted at the Capitol Mall when ObamaCare was passed in the midst of a massive Tea Party demonstration against it and black Democrat Congressmen sauntered around taunting the crowd to try and get a reaction - and later claimed they were called racist names. The $100K Andrew Breitbart offered for a single bit of video evidence - and there were tons of news and private cameras filming everything - remains unclaimed.

As for message boards,if you want to play that game I have plenty to throw your way that appears regularly at places like HuffPo, Daily Kos and the alphabet networks.

Now let's get to the cowardly part. Ag Eric Holder famously said that in America we're cowards on race,and he's 100% right - only not the way he meant.

We are absolute cowards when it comes to black racism and you and people like you are unfortunately cowards, anonymous.No matter how you slice it.

There is no 'balancing out' of racism, If it is wrong,it is wrong no matter who practices it, and if that isn't true as your comment would have it, then racism is not wrong but merely a case of what you can get away with.

In fact, your comment is egregiously racist because it gives racism a pass - provided the right people practice it. Want to bet that Samuel L. Jackson, like Spike Lee hires and fires by color?

Take a minute and think about what I've said here. Really think about it.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find where I was being ad hominem. Maybe you could point it out to me?

I'm not referring to 'Gawker'. I'm talking about those two horrible comedians who used a tasteless 'knickers' pun to appeal to the racist republicans in the audience. You assume again and come up short. Oh well.

Judging by your breathless post, I guess I hit a nerve. One has only to go to Fox message boards to see the invective spewed at minorities. They even spell the n-word with 2 qs so as to get past the filter. They should head over here, though. You'll allow any comments here as long as a) you agree with them b) they're racist as hell.

No ad hominem in this post either. But the truth hurts = no post approval by Grand Wizard Rob (ok, that might have been approaching the level of nastiness you displayed in your response to me).

Rob said...

Anonymous, the only nerve of mine you ever hit is my funny bone.

'Grand Wizard Rob' - if only you knew!

BTW, the Gawkers post I mentioned was about the video you referred to. And also, if you read really carefully, you'll see I never accused you of an ad hominim attack in your original post - I merely recognized there was a degree of it in my own original response.

Now that we've dealt with the always amusing reading comprehension issues, let's move on.

I see you've gone from accusing people of screaming racial epithets to foaming at the mouth about a 'tasteless pun'. Who says? Who made you the arbiter of what's 'tasteless'? Is it any less tasteless than the endless speculation about Sarah Palin's vagina or 'jokes' about her and her underage daughter getting gang raped in New York? The countless yuks about her son Trig being a 'retard'? Calling someone like Col. Allen West a 'house negro'? Entertaining little novels and even a movie about shooting President Bush when he was in office? I guarantee you had yourself a chuckle at those.

Personally, I see that video as a lot less tasteless. Your results may differ, and the fact that they do says a great deal about people with your mentality.

I notice you chose not to address my point about your giving black racism a pass, but I doubt that hit a nerve with you...again, people with your mindset are normally quite uncomfortable with black people deep down on an everyday basis, and thus shy away from addressing such things like the plague..lest your actual hidden bigotry based on low expectations come to light.You're actually racist to the bone,simply because you allow for selective racism out of your own fears, That's no different from a white guy in Mississippi in the 1960's keeping his lunchroom segregated and paying lip service to supporting the Klan because 'the right people' were practicing bigotry and he was too afraid to go against the stream.

'Grand Wizard Rob'? Wow.

Of course, that's exactly why you have a need to go into overdrive on anything you can possibly point to as 'racism' in others,no matter how farfetched. It's a pretty threadbare mask,actually.

You have my pity...and yes, a certain degree of contempt for that kind of cowardice.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you think it's cool for two people at a republican event - republicans don't exactly have the best relationship with blacks, remember - yelling the n-word, then your site is going to be a lot of fun this election year. No wonder Christie sat this one out. Anti-gay, anti-black, anti-science. Who exactly does the republican party thinks is going to vote for it?

Rob said...

For one thing, I don't agree they were 'making fun of blacks'.Or using racial epithets. Isn't it fascinating how far we've come from your original hysterical accusations?

For a second thing, again, I notice you weren't willing to look at your own racism, which in my mind is far more egregious.Easier to point th efinger to keep the spotlight off, isn't it?

And number three..'republicans don't exactly have the best relationship with blacks' - no..all they did was fight a war to free them, give them the vote, endow the first black colleges,oversee and implement the desegregation of the military, send troops to Little Rock to protect the 1954 desegregation laws, vote in a bloc for the Civil Rights Act at a much higher percentage than Democrats, institute the first affirmative action policies, appoint the first black Secretary of State and NSA, spend billions to combat AIDS in Africa..

Yes, just a horrible bunch of racists.

I'm afraid your comments really are a waste of space.And my time.