Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just One More Question, Mr. President..

Cheerfully swiped from the one and only Hugh Hewitt.

And placed on a number of gas pumps in my little corner of the world...where prices are climbing towards $4.50 per gallon including Big Government's 17-22% profit for just being there (AKA Federal, State and local taxes).


louielouie said...

and when gasoline hits $10 per gallon, hussein will say it's bush's fault, and his J/A/R will go over 60%.

it helps to be intoxicated when typing in the anti-bot typing.

B.Poster said...

Even if we were to give the go ahead for the Keystone pipeline right now, its to late. The Canadians have already agreed or are about to reach an agreement to sell the oil to China that would have been sold to us and shipped through the pipeline.

The Chinese would not take kindly to the Canadians backing out of the agreement with them at this time. Since its going to China, this oil is now not available. As such, the whole thing is irrelevant now.

In one fail swoop, POTUS and his team have managed to alienate an important neighbor, drive this important neighbor closer to a country who is at worst an enemy and at best a strategic competitor, deny us a stable source of oil, and cost us thousands of construction jobs in the process!!

I'm sure one can find somewhere in the history of leadership where leaders showed such incompetence as this but I think one would hard pressed. Delaying the Keystone Pipeline is essentially the same thing as canceling. This decision will affect us for many years to come. That is if we assume our country can survive many years.

louielouie said...

i was with you right up until you used the "incompetence" word.
do you really think it is that?
or simply just plain hatred for the US?
maybe that twit anon can jump in here on this. if he has been assigned to this site, maybe he'll spew.
just remember, it's bush's fault the keystone was canceled.