Monday, February 06, 2012

The New WAPO/ABC Poll - Gaming The Numbers For Obama

There a brand spanking new poll out today by the Washington Post and ABC News supposedly showing President Obama topping GOP front runner Mitt Romney nationally.

It claims that 55% of the respondents dislike what they're hearing from the GOP candidates in general, that 57% approved of what they heard from President Obama's State of the Union address and that he tops Romney in a general election matchup, 51% to 47%.

Iwould bet that these particular poll rating are absolutely accurate - based on whom the WAPO/ABC pollsters asked.

You see, this is the second time the WAPO/ABC news poll has neglected to release figures on the Democrat/Republican/Independent percentages in its report...and I'd bet that going to be the way things go with this particular poll from now on until election day.

You might remember an occasion last December when we examined the mechanics of a WAPO/ABC poll that oversampled Democrats and was weighted as much as 50% to 60% weighted towards the Left end of the spectrum. And there was this one, with the same pollsters that only sampled 22% Republicans to get the desired results.

At least on those occasions, someone who could read between the lines and look at the mechanics could see how badly the polls were skewed. But the WAPO/ABC pollsters have learned,and now they aren't even releasing any figures on the affiliation whom they polled.And to skew it even more, they merely polled 1,000 adults, rather than likely voters, something utterly ridiculous for primary season. For all we know, they could have polled 700 hardcore SEIU members and talked to the other 300 at a supermarket parking lot.

Based on their previous track record, I'd say that this particular WAPO/ABC poll is worth about as much as what's pictured above. Less in fact, because at least the product above has value as manure.

There's no question that President Obama's overall ratings probably are up a bit because of the GOP infighting, the partisan press coverage and the highly manipulated economic data. I wouldn't count on the third factor lasting until November.


NavyOne said...

Yikes, did you have to post that pic?!?

Rob said...

Nothing wrong with calling something by its proper name, Navy.

Though actually, referring to this poll in that fashion is perhaps an insult to a useful substance like manure.