Friday, May 25, 2012

* Chuckle* DNC Head Wasssrman-Schultz Steps In It Again

<Democratic National Committee Chair and Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the gal from J-Street and President Obama's hire to run the Democratic National Committee just committed another large blunder.

Wasserman-Schultz had been booked into Miami's Temple Israel to try and sell the Jewish congregation there on how good President Obama is for Israel. Also scheduled to speak was Stanley Tate, one of its past presidents and most respected memberswho actually helped found Temple Israel's congregation.

Since Tate is a former founder of the Republican Jewish Coaltion ( RJC) and a Romney supporter, it was pretty predictable that his speech would contain a few facts that would make Wassermann-Schultz's pro-Obama spin look silly. So she had Tate banned from speaking:

I have been told by the Temple Israel Board of Trustees, that in no uncertain terms, I am not welcome, nor am I desired to speak on the bema (dais), nor does the Temple want me in any way to address the attendees on the evening of May 25th, after the Shabbat Services, even though the other invited speaker will be giving her politically motivated remarks on the topic of “Maintaining a Strong U.S. – Israel Relationship.” – Stanley Tate

Tate also stated that the Board of Trustees held a “special” meeting on May 14th where the majority of the board decided not to let him address the congregation.During a phone interview with Mr. Tate, the former founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) said that Wasserman Schultz told board members, “Stanley cannot be allowed to speak”, and that “no other speaker can speak in opposition before or after her.”

Tate and his resigned from the congregation in protest.And he went public to the members of the Congregation about it.

Unfortunately for the Left leaning board of Temple Israel, Tate and his family are particularly well thought of, especially after having a relationship with Temple Israel that went back over 70 years. A number of members resigned in sympathy and demonstrations at the Temple were planned for the night of Wasserman-Schult's speech...resulting in Temple Israel 'disinviting' Obama's J-Street diva and canceling her speech for 'security reasons'. At least that was the story The temple's president, Ben Kuehne, a Miami attorney, gave to the media.

Jewish Synagogues do not pass a collection plate at every service or have an offertory. Instead they charge annual dues for memberships, take donations from congregants and sell tickets to Rosh Hashonah and Yom Kippur services ( known as High Holidays, when even most unaffiliated Jews attend services) to non-members.

Losing a significant number of paying members and the resulting bad publicity apparently had an effect on Temple Israel's bottom line. And that's why Wasserman-Achultz got th eboot, not 'security'.

Congratulations Mr. Tate and congratulations to the congregants of Temple Israel..kol hakavod.
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