Monday, May 07, 2012

Who Is The Real Sarah Palin?

Whitney Pitcher has a great article over at Breitbart that deals with a subject not often looked at these days..Sarah Palin's actual record, policies and conduct as Alaska's governor.

He uses statistics to show exactly how she balanced Alaska's budget, cut wasteful spending, implemented policies that created jobs, reformed Alaska's pension system to make it fiscally sound and boosted benefits for education and for seniors while cutting wasteful spending and actually raising the state's credit rating.

It's an excellent read, and those of you who aren't familiar with what Governor Palin accomplished in Alaska have a treat in store.

As for the Palin haters...enjoy yourselves while you can. I guarantee you Governor Palin isn't going anywhere, and will continue to remain your worst nightmare. Remember you heard it here first.

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louielouie said...

i'm starting to think that gov. palin wouldn't be effective in deecee.
no doubt this has already been said, and said better than i can, but i'm gonna say it anyway.
after reading this/that from various sites, i believe that what we have in deecee is a political philosophy/practice that has nothing to do with any/either political party. it is simply the practice of kicking the can down the road. there is only one can, and only one road. when the political winds change and a different party takes the reins of gov't they kick the can. but it's not different from the other people kicking the can. maybe the manner in which the can is kicked changes, but the kicking continues. each party has it's own formula for blaming the other for how the can got to where it is. this formula of buying votes using political favors is what has gotten greece into it's present state of affairs. the rub is, no one wants to stop kicking the can. and if one is dumb enough to suggest that, it would be political suicide.
i'm gonna go take my meds.