Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Poll - Wisconsin A Tossup State

A new poll from Marquette University shows President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney tied 46%-46% among likely voters.

President Obama's 4 point lead in April has vanished, and his favorability ratings in Wisconsin have plummeted from 55% to 49%.

Even more indicative of how much the Badger State is in play, Governor Scott Walker has a decisive lead over his Democrat challenger Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, 50-44 percent, among likely voters. This is a five point shift in Walker's favor in the recall election being held next month. Only 3% say they're still undecided. even better, the poll's mechanics show that Barret is only leading in Dane County ( heavily Left Madison) and downtown Milwaukee. He isn't even leading in the Milwaulee metro are or the suburbs.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch has pulled ahead of union kingpin Mahlon Mitchell in her recall election 47% to 41%, with 10 percent undecided. I'm rooting for her to pull this off in view of the obscene way the Left have attempted to Palinize her and her family including attacks on his children at their schools.

As I said before, if Walker wins in June, things don't look at all good for President Obama for Wisconsin come November. Even more so if Kleefisch likewise comes in victorious.


Anonymous said...

In May 2008, Wisconsin was tied at 46%. Obama ended up crushing McCain by 14 points. So, yeah, that's a brilliant point you're making. You're such a goddamn moron.

Rob said...

I hate to break it to you troll, but this ain't 2008, Mitt Romney ain't McCain, and people are a lot more hip to what a bunch of destructive lil' marxists President Barack Hussein Obama and his cabal really are.Which is exactly why you continue to masturbate over them.

Even the media can't cover up for them anymore, because they blew their credibility getting them in in the first place back in 2008.

Keep on wasting your time sending stuff in,please. It goes directly to the spam pile unless I actually make the effort to actually look through it, pick up the rock and expose it.Ninety nine times out of a hundred I have better things to do.Which is what kills you..being ignored.Consider this your little thrill.

Over and out, troll.

louielouie said...

i was beginning to wonder what happened to that anon. i thought maybe he was assigned to another site or some such. there are a couple of other anons that have been posting here that make a lot of sense.
this particular anon doesn't need any other identifying posts.
just in cause the dumbshit does check back for this thread, consider this an invitation:

B.Poster said...


You're first sentence is actually spot on and is a valid point, however, the insult you follow it up with is uncalled for and unnecessary. It is also true that this Romney is not McCain and this is not 2008. As such, the comparisons may not hold, however, a valid point. There still remains much time until elections. Unfortunately you damage your credibility when you follow up a valid point with an uncalled for insult.


I'm aware of the polls showing Mr. Walker up by 6 points. There remains much time until the June elections. I must say I like your optimism on the situation with Mr. Walker. Hopefully its warranted. In spite of almost constant universal demonization by the media and other elites of Mr. Walker, he still remains competitive.

There are some factors to be considered however. When I first heard of this poll before reading your post, my first though was "how does he plan to overcome the Democrat party machine of union shanigans, dead voters, and other Democrat fraud?" In order to do this, he would need a bare minimum of a ten point lead going into the election. If he does not have this or is unable to get it, I'm not seeing how he can win.

I'd be interested to get your thoughst on this. Do you think I'm overestimating the power of the Democrat party machine and its ability to commit fraud? Do you think Mr. Walker will get a bigger lead by the end?

Anonymous said...

Hammer the troll!

Rob said...

You know, the funniest thing about this clown is that he has such a huge ego he imagines I actually care what he thinks. Once in a while it's been fun to slap him around a little, but not that much.

Poster, Nothing's certain but it's looking good for Scott Walker. The public employee union's preferred candidate lost the primary after they sunk millions into trying to get him elected, and even Barret;s people are complaining because the DNC isn't giving them any $$ - a sign the DNC may consider this a lost cause.

All I'm saying is that Walker's odds of defeating the recall look good..and if he does, it's a sign Wisconsin is definitely in play.

B.Poster said...

"...a sign the DNC may consider this a lost cause..." Thansk for sharing your thoughts on this. You may well be right. While it is true that the combination of union shenanigans, the illegal alien vote, the cemetary vote, last minute media smear campaigns, and favorable state abd local electoral governing bodies are all available to the Democrats at any time in a sufficient amount to overcome a 10 point deficit in any election and furthermore the Republicans do not have any thing even approaching these types of resources, these resources may not be sufficient to swing all elections all the time every where. In other words, the DNC may have decided that while they can turn the election agaisnt Mr. Walker, they may feel the resources needed to do this would be better utililized elsewhere.

Its hardly surprising Mr. Barret's team is asking for money. This appears to be a trait common to the left. Essentially no matter how much they acquire in terms of money, power, or any thing else its never enough for them. And to think they are always ranting and railing agaisnt the "rich" for being greedy. The left needs to look in the mirror!! I think there's a psychological term for this where one criticizes others for their own flaws while ignoring the flaws in themselves.