Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sarah Palin Strikes Again As Deb Fischer Wins Nebraska Senate Primary

For those of you who thought ( or hoped) that Sarah Palin was history, well, like I told you, you have another think coming.

Last night, Palin endorsee Deb Fischer won an upset victory in the GOP senate primary in Nebraska. Since long time Democrat incumbent Ben Nelson is retiring, Fischer is the likely winner of the general election in the deep Red Cornhusker State.

“As recently as a week ago, Deb Fischer was dismissed by the establishment. Why? Because she is not part of the good old boys’ permanent political class,” Palin said in a Facebook post early Wednesday. “The message from the people of Nebraska is simple and powerful: America is looking for real change in Washington, and commonsense conservatives like Deb Fischer represent that change.”

Deb Fischer, a state senator and a mom who works part-time on her family farm seems made to order as one of Palin's Mama Grizzlies.

Just watch as the Arctic Fox and her PAC do exactly what they did in 2010 - hunt down the opposition and get Tea Party friendly conservatives into Congress.

Just as a point of reference, in 2010 Governor Palin's batting average for getting her picks into Congress was .784.

You go, Sarah!


louielouie said...

as i recall when a conservative was leading mccain in the arizona polls, ms. sarah came to mccain's rescue.
yes, that was political payback.
he would be included in that 0.784 percentage.
so what did we get for that?

If McCain were to throw his full political weight behind the bill, he would likely bring other Republicans on board. Sens. Olympia Snowe (Maine), Susan Collins (Maine) and Lindsey Graham (S.C.) are Republicans friendly with McCain who could join him.

that's a stable of conservatism there isn't it?
if i were ms. sarah, i would be careful about throwing around phrases about 'good 'ol boys' and any type of political class.

Anonymous said...

I wish she would have run.

louielouie said...

that makes three of us.