Sunday, May 20, 2012

Obama To EU Leaders: Ease Up On Austerity,Push For 'Growth'

In this week's G-8 summit in Chicago,President Obama's message to European leaders is going to be one of cutting back on austerity programs and pushing for growth.

'Growth' in this context has a very different meaning in socialist NewsSpeak than it does in common usage. Here 'growth' mean sharply raising taxes, especially on the 'rich' and the corporations and funding government stimulus programs, increased social welfare benefits and government funded jobs.

Since this is exactly what got the EU into such dire straits in the first place,President Obama's message is roughly equivalent to telling an alcoholic to ditch those AA meetings, step up to the bar and have a few drinks.

Lest you think this doesn't apply to America, please remember that this is exactly the economic program this president has applied here..with absolutely dire results. The only thing that has delayed a similar collapse to the one seen in Europe is the inherent size and strength of the American economy.

A big tree takes longer to chop down than a medium sized one, but President Obama has made significant progress with the job and no doubt looks forward to completing it if he's re-elected.

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