Monday, May 14, 2012

The New Egypt's Politics: Who Can Demonize Jews And Israel, The Most??

As the Egyptian presidential election campaign moves on, the biggest issue among the two frontrunners seems to be 'whose likely to be a bigger foe to Israel and the Jews?'

Both Islamist Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh and former foreign minister and Arab League chief Amr Mussa agree that Israel is Egypt's 'number one enemy' and that the treaty between Israel and Egypt, which has already seen several key planks broken should essentially be abrogated, which Egyptian troops moving in to re-militarize the Sinai.

The difference is mostly in the language, and believe it or not Amr Mussa, who has called Israel an 'illegitimate state' carrying out 'Nazi-like policies' is the more moderate of the two.

Fotouh refers to Israel as a "a racist state with 200 nuclear warheads" that constitutes Egypt's main security threat. For that matter, he calls the U.S. assassination of Osama bin-Laden "state terrorism' and that bin-Laden was not a terrorist - that was just invented by America to "hit Muslim interests."

Remember, the Obama Administration just gave $1.5 billion to these people against the wishes of Congress.

Fotouh also hits Mussa as an western tool because of his former tenure in the Mubarak government. Don't be surprised in the least if Fotouh wins.

Believe it or not, the linked al-Reuters article refers to him as a 'moderate Islamist.' If he's a moderate, can you imagine what the 'extremists ' are like?

In any event, it's pretty obvious where the Egyptians are headed...towards an Islamist republic under sharia similar to Iran's, just as I predicted back when everyone was giddy over the 'Arab Spring'. And to add to the similarity,Egypt even has the possibility of developing into another Islamist nuclear power.

The real fireworks will start when Egypt's Islamist Republic links up with a similar Libyan one next door  and combines Egypt's population with Libya's oil wealth to form the basis for what the Islamists have dreamed of since the days of al-Banna - the beginnings of the new Caliphate.

President Obama's appeasement and enablement of the Muslim Brotherhood is going  to bear fruit even he never imagined.


B.Poster said...

Ultimately how this all works outs depends upon what the military does. The general narrative on this is the Mubarak government was overthrown because the people stood up and demanded it. As such, they are commended in the media for their "bravery" and other forms of flattery.

Essentially the media was and is giddy as school girls experiencing their first crush towards the people who supposedly overthrew the Mubarak government as well those participating in the electoral process assuming they are anti-American enough.

What they either don't or won't acknowledge is it was not the bravery of the people or any thing such as that led to Mubarak's downfall. In actuality, Mubarak's fate was sealed the moment the military chose to stand down in the face of the protests. Had they wished to do so they could have easily crushed the protests.

Once the military chose to stand down, there was really nothing we or any one else could have done to alter the process. In order to formulate correct policies, it is vitally important that we understand what happened, how it happened, and why it happened.

If the governments of the US and its "allies" hold to the narrative on this put forth by the media, then we may be in real trouble. Hopefully they are smarter than that.

Finally, we need to understand it is not important so much that people vote but the important thing is how they vote. If people are going to vote in ways that are hostile to our interests, then we likely should act in ways to prevent them from voting or at the very least we likely should not actively encourage them to vote, as we seem to do in places like Egypt, Iraq, and elsewhere.

Tantric Logic said...

The military made that choice because Barack Hussein Obama threw Mubarak to the wolves. Once he flapped his gums and said Mubarak should go, the army realized it was all over.

This is Obama's Egypt.