Tuesday, May 01, 2012

How To Make OWS Happy By Giving Them What They Want

I note with interest that the lovely people at OWS, in conjunction with a number of the more radical unions like the SEIU and other hard line Leftist groups have chosen the old Communist holiday of May Day for 'general strikes', blowing up bridges, threatening banks, obstructing roads to congest traffic and making it more stressful, expensive and time consuming for people to work and do business while in general having a party and acting out at other people's expense

In Democrat-run California, the OWS movement has always had major support from state and city governments. In Los Angeles for instance, the City Council passed a resolution of support and encouraged an encampment in the park near the City Hall...until it became a fetid public health hazard. The cleanup and repairing the damage cost the taxpayers over one million dollars.

Most people object to this kind of activity, but the OWS people dislike capitalism and revel in protesting it in every way possible. Having thought about this, I came up with a solution that's bound to make everyone happy, especially since unions like the SEIU and various immigrant rights (read 'illegal alien') groups are part of this May Day coalition.

I suggest that we treat the OWS folks and anyone else whom wishes to participate to a free one way trip to countries where true socialism is practiced, where the banksters have a limited to non-existent role and where things are generally run more to OWS standards. In exchange, for every OWS protester who leaves, we can give out one green card to a hard working illegal alien and help them come 'out of the shadows', as it were. Some of them have skills as plumbers, electricians or construction workers, and even those whom don't tend to be glad of a chance to soil themselves with capitalism, so it's a win-win.

The immigrant rights groups will certainly love it, and some of the unions who can possibly look forward to new members will too.

As for the OWS folks, they will be in nirvana. Imagine how much they'll love a place like Cuba, Myanmar, Laos or North Korea, where the government hates capitalism as much as they do! Free health care, equality for all and none of the shallow values of capitalism whatsoever. Plus, since many of these countries have a lot of career opportunities in their agricultural sector, not only will they be employed but will have the opportunity to get back to the land and live organically, in a manner of speaking.

As a matter of fact, the Chinese might even be willing to help out. In the past, the OWS crowd has shut down ports on the West Coast, thus directly affecting their exports, which the folks and the unions are against anyway...jobs, capitalism, outsourcing and all that. The Chinese always need another pair of hands for their factories and farms, and while China has certain capitalist traits those aspects are under strict government control, which the OWS'ers will absolutely love. And hey, no more student loan payments!

The possibilities are endless.

As for our own rotten, corrupt capitalist society, we will be saying goodbye to a group of people who certainly won't be missed if they aren't around anymore.

From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.

Happy, happy, joy, joy.

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