Friday, May 11, 2012

Romney Deals With Typical Democrat Reporter..Who'd Rather Talk Anything But The Obama Economy

Looky there! Ignore what's in front of your nose and concentrate on that bright shiny object!

That is essentially the Obama campaign's strategy, since they can't run on this president's abysmal record.

Gay marriage, marijuana, hey, that's what's important,not jobs, the economy or energy. AT least that's what this CBS reporter would have you believe.

While Governor Romney remains civil and answers her repeated attempts at this bright shiny objects strategy, at one point he just looks at her and asks "Aren't there issues of significance you want to ask me about?"

At that point, she come out and asks him if he's "in the tank" for Big Oil. Yes, that's her one question on the economy! And as you can see, she's actually proud of it.

Romney, of course, has a sensible answer, reminding her that the oil industry is mostly composed of a number of small businesses and independent operators, and that if reasonably priced energy doesn't come back, neither will manufacturing and jobs.

Once CBS gets it, I guarantee you that part will probably be edited out as they concentrate on the distractions of marijuana and gay marriage.

Will that strategy work? Are the American people as stupid and easily bamboozled as the President thinks they are? We'll see.

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