Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pakistani Who Helped Locate Bin-Laden Gets 30 Years For Treason - After Being Outed By SecDef Panetta

A Pakistani physician who helped the CIA locate Osama bin-Laden in Pakistan has been sentenced to over 30 years in prison for treason.

Dr. Shakeel Afridi was arrested three weeks after US Navy Seal Team Six assassinated bin-Laden at his hideaway in Abbottabad, only 30 miles from Islamabad.

Dr Afridi was not present in court on Wednesday nor was he represented by a lawyer:

“He has been sentenced for 33 years on treason charges and has been moved to Peshawar central jail after the verdict was announced by the local court,” said Mohammad Siddiq, spokesman for the administrative head of Khyber, where the case was heard.

Dr. Afridi set up Dr Afridi set up a hepatitis vaccination campaign in March last year, according to residents of Abbottabad.

The CIA had seen an al-Qaeda courier enter bin-Laden's compound there, they weren't sure that bin-Laden was actually present. Dr.Afridi's role was to attempt to obtain a DNA sample from a tall figure the CIA knew was inside because of satellite imagery.

Although he wasn't able to get a blood sample, Dr.Afridi was able to secure a telephone number for Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, bin Laden’s trusted courier, enabling the CIA to confirm his identity.

What evidence did the Pakistanis have against Dr. Afridi? Simple. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta outed him (on 'Sixty Minutes', no less) and gave the Pakistanis an open and shut case:

I seem to recall the Angry Left going absolutely berserk over someone allegedly outing Valerie Plame. I guarantee you that won't happen to Leon Panetta.

More to the point,imagine you're a CIA agent trying to recruit assets in a foreign country. How successful do you think you're going to be after potential informants see the Secretary of Defense performing on national TV and shooting his mouth off like this?

If we were actually in a declared war, this would be treason, by definition.


B.Poster said...

Like I said on another thread, it appears our leaders really are suicidal. The CIA is staffed largely by incompetent boobs and ideologues who may otherwise be quite capable but are rendered incompetent by their ideology. As such, if we are going to get effective intel on enemies and potential enemies, we are going to need to rely heavily on the cooperation of other nations and their intellegence services. Now this just became that much harder to do. The incompetence, evil, or both of our "leaders" is absolutely breathtaking!!

"If we were actually in a declared war, this would be treason, by definition." I agree. At a minimum immediately after the 911 attacks war should have been declared on Saudi Arabia. If one is serious about confronting Islamic terrorists, Saudia Arabia needs to be dealt with. Any effort to defeat this enemy that leaves out Saudi Arabia is incomplete, at best.

This enemy is far more dangerous than Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan ever were or ever could have been. While the enemy is more dangerous, it is not the same enemy. Furthermore we are not the same country we were in the early 1940s either. As such, our strategies will likely be vastly different than the ones used in WWII.

Rahul said...

This is PROOF if any is needed, that all pakis support osama bin laden, and will give their lives to protect him, and the raid of navy seals was the big slap on face of pakistan, and this one sensible doctor who helped usa, instead of honouring him, they send him to jail for a long time, PROVES all pakis are terrorists and terrorism supporters, and they indulge in double talk. "binladen is not in pakistan, they hid him and denied it" cant trust a paki or any muslim for that matter