Monday, May 07, 2012

Romney Should Rebuke 'Treason Calls' At Rally??


This is rich. The latest whine from the angry left comes because a couple of people at one of Governor Romney's rallies in Cleveland accused President Barack Obama of treason. And of course, Obama's lackeys are demanding Governor Romney take some time out from his busy schedule to repuidiate these accusation and rebuke the people voicing them.

Tell me...have you ever heard President Obama apologize once for any of the hateful accusations and downright slanderous garbage his thugs have spewed out over the last few years?

You see, what the Obama Campaign and its willing lackeys want is for Romney to become John McCain, afraid to allow any criticism of this truly abysmal president no matter what, while it's open season on Romney's religion, reputation, and family.

If I were Governor Romney, I'd simply ignore it. But if I was pressed for a statement on this matter, here is exactly what I'd say:

" Treason is very strictly defined by U.S. law as being aid and comfort to America's enemies in wartime. Since there's no declaration of war at this time, accusing this president of treason is inaccurate."

"However, if some of his fellow Americans misused the term 'treason' and are actually are accusing President Obama of failed leadership and advancing policies that have hurt America's interests, that's a very different matter. The buck really does stop at the Oval Office, and no amount of whining and blaming others changes that. "


louielouie said...

If I were Governor Romney,

yeah, well, if you were governor romney, i wouldn't have the opinion of governor romney that i have, and i would be registered to vote multiple times in all 50 states.

louielouie said...

i bet the liberals will really have a field day with my mis-stated previous comment.
what i meant to say, is, i would be registered to vote multiple times in all 57 states.
that's what i meant to say.
i appreciate to opportunity to correct myself.