Thursday, May 17, 2012

Elizabeth Warren Doubles Down On 'Native American' Heritage As Real Native Americans Voice Outrage

Apparently nobody ever gave Princess Passes Bull the benefit of some age old lore: when you're in a hole, stop digging.

Now that even the documentation supposedly showing her as 1/32 Cherokee has been debunked, even by the partisan Boston Globe, the latest evidence of how Dances-With-Socialism tried to pimp her faux Indian roots surfaced in supposed 'traditional' recipes she contributed to the 'Pow Wow ' cookbook back around 1984.

Guess what? The cookbook, entitled Powwow Chow not only was edited by Warren’s non-Native American cousin Candy Rowsey as a compilation of “special recipes passed down through the Five Tribes families,” according to the introduction, but Princess Speaks With Forked Tongue is listed in the book as 'Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee' in a number of places in the book.

Real Cherokees are becoming more and more incensed at this fraud, especially as it now turns out that some of Warren's more provable ancestors likely participated in rounding up Cherokees for the forced eviction known as 'The Trail of Tears' . As it becomes more obvious that Fake-A-Hontas used her minority 'ancestry' to gain affirmative action and diversity points as a student and in her professorial career at Harvard, there's also a growing call to have these institutions release her enrollment and employment records to see exactly what she claimed.

Actually, even if they don't show anything, Harvard was touting her as a minority professor and as a 'woman of color' in its brochures..something they wouldn't have been aware of if she hadn't told them.

What amazes me the most about this sordid tale is that Elizabeth Warren herself could have deflected it all so easily if she had an ounce of character or a sense of humor. We all have our traditional family stories and lore we absorb without really checking it out thoroughly. Even though it's obvious Warren used her bogus claims of ancestry for the most blatant kind of self-advancement at the expense of others, all she ever had to say was, 'Whoops! I always heard this from Grandpa and Grandma and just assumed it was true. Sorry about that' and it all would have blown over.

The problem, of course is that for a great many people on the Left, lying and bending the truth out of shape becomes so habitual and ingrained that they start to believe their own horse manure and simply can't shut the mechanism off.

Warren may actually end up becoming a senator. The voters in Massachusetts are known for their high tolerance of incompetence, serial dishonesty, corruption and arrogance in their elected officials provided they're 'down for the agenda' and have that small 'd' after their names. Just ask Barney Frank or Deval Patrick.

But one can only hope that now that her inherent dishonesty has been revealed for all to see, the Massachusetts electorate will think twice about the matter.

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