Sunday, June 03, 2012

Massachusetts Dems Resoundingly Nominate Fake-A-Hontas For Senate

Elizabeth Warren

By a record breaking 95%, Elizabeth Warren also known in Native American circles as as Princess Passes Bull easily won her party's nomination to face Republican Scott Brown in the November Senate election.

While Warren has faced controversy over her lying about her 1/32nd Cherokee ancestry, and about her lying about using that faux Native American ancestry to obtain lucrative jobs at Penn State and Harvard, most Massachusetts Democrats obviously consider this a non-issue.

And polling shows Dances-with-Socialism and incumbent Scott Brown pretty much tied.

This shouldn't surprise anyone.

Massachusetts, after all, is the state that had no problem repeatedly electing someone to the senate who swam off, left a young woman to drown and then used his political and family connections to hush the whole thing up. Nor were they moved to unseat Rep. Barney Frank over the little matter of him running a gay brothel out of his home, or his promoting another romantic interest to a lucrative job at Freddie Mac and then protecting him when the malfeasance there began to become obvious.

Elizabeth Warren's serial prevarications and cynical use of the racial spoils system in academia likely are a non-issue to a lot of Massachusetts voters, because she's down for the agenda. That's what matters to them, not her character.

Isn't democracy wonderful? As Winston Churchill famously said, it's the worst system of government there is - except all the others.

Will she win? Here's a clue. Watch to see how much money she gets from the DNC, and whether President Obama comes down to campaign for her. If she gets money from the DNC and President Obama hits the Bay State for her, she definitely has a good chance.

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