Sunday, September 15, 2013

An Alternative Headline

The Soros funded Raw Story has a piece out   (h/t Memeorandum) on a story about an appearance by GOP  Rep. Justin Amash on George Stephanopoulos' Sunday show on ABC. It's headlined, "ABC News panel laughs out loud after GOP rep. says Obamacare delay is a ‘favor’ to Obama":

As usual, it's not a 'news panel', but one conservative versus 4 Democrat Lefties, counting the host, a devout Democrat who used to be one of President Clinton's spin doctors.

What Amash said that caused such merriment among the panel and the host is that since President Obama has delayed the employer mandates on ObamaCare (illegally, I might add), the Republicans, who hold a strong majority in the House would be doing him a favor by delaying the massively unpopular bill for everyone.

Here's my alternative headline for this story: "Biased News Host And Panel Show Lack Of Professionalism In Reaction To GOP Guest."

It's gotten so bad that they're not even bothering to pretend to be objective any more.

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