Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mr. Cruz Goes To Washington


Americans who despair of the future of our country will receive a welcome shot of hope today, as a brave man stands up for freedom no matter the cost.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is speaking on the Senate floor, vowing to talk against ObamaCare 'until I can stand no more.'

He began at 2:41, and can talk up until noon tomorrow, when under the Senate rules he has to stop, and the Senate would proceed to vote on ending debate and bringing the spending bill to the floor.

This isn't a filibuster, unfortunately. Harry Reid saw to that by quickly locking in the floor schedule early Monday, and that forces the chamber to vote by Wednesday afternoon.

“I want to disabuse everyone. There will be no filibuster today,” Mr. Reid said as he opened the Senate floor action for the day.

I want to reiterate the political games going on here. Cruz supports the House bill defunding ObamaCare, but if Democrat majority leader Harry Reid can get 60 votes for cloture in order to end debate, Reid can pass a new budget that funds ObamaCare by a simple majority and send it back to the House. If Reid can't get cloture, the budget bill stays in the Senate and forces Reid and the Democrats to publicly own both ObamaCare and the onus for shutting the government down.

The RINOs in the Senate are going to try to fool you by voting for cloture to shaft Cruz and the conservatives, and then cast a symbolic, futile vote for the doomed bill, so they can go home in 2014 and lie to you about how they 'voted against ObamaCare'.

Don't let them do it.

Call, e-mail and tweet your senators and let them them know you understand this scam, and that a vote for cloture on their part is a vote for ObamaCare.

You can watch (or at least listen to) Senator Cruz live here.

The link may take a while to load.That alone should tell you America is tuning in.


B.Poster said...

The main reason given by Republicans for not making a greater effort repeal the affordable health care act has been that it cannot be repealed. If this is in fact the case that it cannot be repealed, then we need to scrap our constitutional form of government forthwith and replace it with something else.

The main problem with American health care is it is to expensive. The first thing that needs to be done is to determine how to get the costs down. Whether the individual pays directly or indirectly by having the government pay the costs is secondary issue. The primary problem is the high costs. (Whether the government pays or the individual pays ultimately the individual as the taxpayer pays any way.)

The ACA does nothing to lower the costs and some estimates indicate will make things more costly and even less efficient than they already are. As such, the ACA does not address the primary problem and likely make the primary problem worse. As such, it should be scrapped for this reason alone.

Additionally, even if ACA did actually lower the cost that an individual would have to pay for health care, the bill is to expensive. We cannot afford it. As such, even if we assume it would give individuals relief in the cost of healthcare, since we cannot afford it, it should be repealed and replaced with something less ambitious.

For example, I would LOVE to purchase a 5 million dollar home but at this time I cannot afford it. As such, I must scale back my plans to something that is realistic for my current financial ability. The government is no different. At present, we cannot afford the ACA. As such, it needs to be scrapped and replaced with something less costly.

Yet two other points to consider are this bill would place the government essentially in control of 1/6 of the US economy. To date the track record of this government is that does not have the competence to manage any thing of this magnitude. Furthermore, the bill is wildly unpopular among the electorate in spite of the fact that unprecedented efforts have been made to market ACA.

In summary, 1.)ACA does nothing to address the high costs of health care. 2.)It Costs too much. 3.)The government's track record is such that it is unlikely they have the competence to manage something of this magnitude. Generally when one handles their current responsibilities poorly those responsibilities get taken away. We do not give them more responsibility. 4.)The law is unpopular among the electorate.

Repeal should be a no brainer. If our current system of government will not allow it, then the current system of government needs to be changed.

B.Poster said...

In the first sentence I meant "defund" and "defunded" instead of "repeal" and "repealed." The second sentence should read "defunded" and not "repealed." Essentially the law should be repealed as well. The point being if elected officials cannot defund and/or repeal a law that is unworkable, will make the current situation worse, and is unpopular with the electorate then the current system of government needs to be scrapped in its entirety and replaced with something else.