Wednesday, September 25, 2013

John Kerry To Sign UN Gun Confiscation Treaty

On the sidelines of today's General Assembly, Secretary of State John Kerry is going to sign a UN 'gun control' treaty which essentially abrogates our Second Amendment and gives the UN sovereignty over what firearms, if any, American may own.

This is being sold as an anti-terrorism and anti-crime measure, just like all such measures are. But it's real purpose is simply to disarm law abiding citizens, since criminals and terrorists will always be able to obtain arms when they need them, either from the black market or from state sponsors of terrorism like Iran.

Senator Jim Inhofe, R-Okla. is one of the most vocal opponents of the treaty. He sent a letter to Kerry declaring it "dead in the water," since the senate already rejected it once and a majority of senators has gone on record against the treaty.

Since it's a virtual certainty that President Obama is unable to get a two-thirds majority in the senate to ratify it (even Democrats in gun friendly states like Vermont, North Dakota, Alaska, Montana, Pennsylvania and West Virginia wouldn't vote for it), why is President Obama having Secretary Kerry sign it?

Simple indeed. First, 2014 is coming up in little over a year, and President Obama wants a signed treaty in case a lot more anti Second Amendment senators get elected. And second, and more likely, this most autocratic and lawless of presidents plans on instituting as many of the provisions of the treaty by executive order as possible, citing the UN and the 'international community as his authority.

That, I'm pretty certain is the ultimate agenda.

UPDATE: It appears that  Tennessee Republican Senator  Bob Corker is on top of something for once. He sees this exactly as I do, and sent the president a letter  warning him about trying to implement this garbage via executive order.

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