Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Huge 2nd Amendment Victory In Colorado

Gun confiscation advocates suffered a huge loss in Colorado, where they had managed to shove through anti Second Amendment laws based on federal legislation that failed in Congress.

Recall movements were launched against four Democrat state senators who pushed the measures through.

Not much credence was given to the recall movements because Colorado was thought to have become a Blue state and the legislators in question were all in solidly Democrat districts. But not only did the recalls succeed on two of them, Colorado Senate President John Morse and state Sen. Angela Giron, but the recall elections put solidly pro Second Amendment Republicans in their seats.

There are several far reaching things to consider here, aside from the fact that the laws will likely be repealed, and gun grabbing politicians will now be a lot less likely to support this kind of legislation in most of the country.

The anti-gun forces outspent pro Second Amendment advocates by six to one, and there was little if any help coming from the Republican National Committee, as usual. The victories were entirely due to grassroots efforts, and both wins were in districts that were thought to be solidly Democrat. And they definitely are.

 According to calculations from DailyKos Elections, Barack Obama bested Mitt Romney by 58 percent to 39 percent in Giron’s district, which consists of the city of Pueblo and its suburbs (and a few rural areas). Morse’s district, which covers downtown Colorado Springs and some nearby towns, was even more Democratic, voting 59 percent to 38 percent for Obama. Further calculations by Daily Kos Election results show that this is the typical Democratic performance in these districts.

Even more interesting, Giron, who was considered a rising star among Colorado Democrats and a possible future candidate for governor comes from a district that is predominantly  Hispanic. She got tossed out decisively, which brings me to another point I've mentioned more than once - gun grabbing laws disproportionately affect blacks and Hispanics who live in urban areas and have to live with the real life results of the diktats of  the elites  when it comes to  defending their lives, their families  and their property. Turnout was relatively high for off year elections.

There's an important lesson here.

Democrat incumbents almost never lose in districts gerrymandered to keep them in office unless they have done something that really rubs voters the wrong way. And certainly not by 12 points.

What happened here is that grassroots activists took the issue directly to the voters, door to door and house to house. This is particularly important in Giron's district, where the appeal wasn't based on ethnic pandering but on an issue that cuts across the sort of balkanized special interest groups Democrats love to exploit. The same thing can be done with ObamaCare, school choice, and a hoist of other bread and butter issues.

Is the Republican establishment paying attention? Are they learning anything? I doubt it, but you never know.

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