Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Obama Now Claims Putin's Plan On Syria Was His Idea


Did I call it or what? From the president's interview with Chris Wallace of FOX yesterday, where he claims to have had this idea of getting Assad to turn over his chemical weapons ti international supervision over a year ago:

Uh, I did discuss this with President Putin. Uh, this is something that is not new. I've been discussing this with, uh, President Putin for some time time now. The last time we were at a G-20 meeting in Los Cabos last year. Uh, I suggested the need for the United States and Russia to work together to deal with this particular problem.

It doesn't solve the underlying Syrian conflict, but if we can solve this chemical weapons issue, which is a threat to us, uh, and the world, then it does potentially lay the groundwork for further discussions around how you can bring about a political settlement inside of Syria that would -- would provide relief to, uh, people who, right now, are being displaced or killed on almost a -- a continuing basis.

If he had this idea a year ago, why didn't he publicly call for Assad to turn over his chemical weapons back then? And why, when Secretary of State john Kerry blustered about Assad turning over his chemical weapons (with no details or framework) did either Kerry or Obama have the State Department disavow this within two hours as 'rhetoric' and something that was hypothetical and would never happen?

Even people who were previously leaning in direction of a strike on Assad are changing direction as the full picture of what going to war with Barack Obama as commander-in-chief would mean gets revealed. Not only does the emperor not have any clothes, but now we're supposed to believe him, not our lyin' eyes that he's fully dressed and that this new fashion is a sign of how smart and together he is.

Here's a preview of President Obama's big speech tonight. Our Egomaniac-In-Chief will sell Putin's plan as all his idea, as a major diplomatic triumph for him, and do some chest pounding about how 'gutsy' he is to force this to happen in spite of those nasty, racist Republicans in Congress and those other racist cretins among the American public who oppose an American war with Syria to help the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda based on his highly questionable say so.

That's how it will be sold by this president and on the ObamaMedia to the mass of low information voters.

The reality is that this is a huge defeat for America, and the real power players in the world know it. President Obama and his team (again) are revealed as clueless and ineffectual.Collecting Syria's chemical weapons,especially the ones held by the rebels is going to be a long, arduous task in a country torn by civil war, if it's possible at all..and Putin and Assad can definitely drag out the process while Assad finishes off the insurgents. Meanwhile the status quo continues, Russia, not the U.S. becomes seen as the principle player and strong horse in the Middle East and worst of all, the centrifuges keep spinning in Iran as the Ayatollahs get closer and closer to nuclear weapons.

Of course, I'll reiterate that I think Obama's ultimate plan is to have Israel be forced to do a strike on Iran..after which Obama and his Israel-hating UN Ambassador Samantha Power can go to the UN and demand that Israel give up its deterrent to make the Middle East 'a nuclear free zone'.

In any event, President Obama has been spared the humiliation of being repudiated by congress, and will spin this relentlessly. Tonight, he will call this a win, due solely to his wonderful awesomeness, and his media sycophants will do their best to sell it to the masses, because of course, nothing is ever Obama's fault.

The real life consequences of this fiasco will not become apparent until later. And meanwhile, we have forty more months to go with this incompetent in the Oval Office, barring an impeachment which is unlikely.

We can only hope that old saying "G-d looks after drunks, little children and the United States of America" still has some weight.


louielouie said...

The reality is that this is a huge defeat for America, and the real power players in the world know it.

that statement alone means that hussein has achieved another goal.
the media will be absolutely moist with praise.
axelrod and pelosi are tweeting their progressive asses off, praising hussein for his strength in this matter.
rasmussen today has hussein safely at 45% j/a/r.
i've always thought this was a frame-up to get israel attacked.
either way this is a win-win for hussein.

Nick said...

Hi Rob,
Send me an email if you don't mind.

Nick (from the other site)

Nick said...

Did I say Rick just now? I can't even remember now. Man, I'm losing it - writing on two websites at once, multitasking while suffering from sleep dep is not a good idea, haha ..