Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Freed Gitmo Detainee Killed Fighting For Syrian Islamists


Now, this is embarrassing. At least it ought to be.

Just when President Obama and his minions are working so hard to convince us how 'moderate' and worthy of U.S. arms and support his Islamist friends are, this shows up like an ant at a picnic.

The Syrian Islamic Movement posted a video on YouTube showing the body of Mohammed al Alami, who the video identified as a veteran of the jihad in Afghanistan “who went through hardship for the sake of God in the prison of the Americans in Guant√°namo for five years.”

('Hardship'? No appreciation for all those halal meals and taxpayer provided prayer rugs and Qur'ans, I guess)

Alami was a Gitmo detainee who admitted attending an al-Qaeda training camp but was one of the 500 or so who was released during the Bush Administration instead of being hung - and of course, like most of the others he went right back to the jihad.The records show that the U.S. Army general in charge of Gitmo at the time advised against releasing Alami. But what was an expert, on the scene opinion worth next to winning the hearts and minds of the Muslim world? Besides, Alami and th e500 or so others who were kicked loose gave up their word they were through with jihad. They pinky promised!

President Obama has made the same mistake President Bush did, but on steroids, not only angering jihadis but our long time allies in the region as well.

 A lot of  the freed Gitmo jihadis have rejoined their  terrorist pals after getting a get out of jail free card from the Bush and Obama Administrations.. . and gone right back to wage to “the jihad” after leaving custody.

We still have around 164 'guests' at Club Gitmo, including such luminaries as  9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) and USS Cole bomber Bad al-Rahim al-Nassir. But rest assured that the Obama Administration is working hard to free them. Every  since Gitmo became the tropical resort of choice for vacationing jihadis,  there have been military commissions who look at the jihadis in the guest quarters and make decisions on whether to keep them locked up or not. Attending those hearings used to be open to all interested groups, but according to Judicial Watch, the rules have changed this year per President Obama's direct orders.

From now on, only Leftist advocacy groups  Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Human Rights First, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the American Bar Association will be allowed access.

All of them, at one time or another, all of these groups have openly advocated for the Gitmo detainees' freedom  as pro bono  legal counsel or as political advocates.

Expect most of them to be able to return to their careers of waging jihad against Americans very soon.

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B.Poster said...

The former detainees of Gitmo and their leaders in the Syrian resistance would do well to keep quite their involvement in Syria right now. It's the conventional wisdom of the news media and the American people that the Gitmo prison should be shut down and all prisoners there set free. For this reason alone I would expect the American news media to try and keep this buried. This sort of messes with the carefully crafted narrative on this.

Being so public about their involvement seems to be a very bad strategic move on their part. Of course I'm not so sure how good of strategic thinkers these people really are. More on that in a moment.

Getting the US involved on their behalf is proving a tough sale as it is. Furthermore it seems American assistance while perhaps not mission critical to their success would greatly enhance their chances. When they broadcast their role here, they make it less likely the US can or would get involved enough on their behalf to make a difference.

The Al Qaeda attacks of 911 on the US were a brilliant move tactically. The narrative on this indicates the US trained them. I've never had any patience for that narrative. The attack was beyond the capabilities of US covert operatives to pull off. As such, they could not have learned things like that from the US.

While a brilliant move tactically, the attack may have been a bad move on their part strategically. Having attacked us in the past it is making it difficult for US leaders to sale involvement on their behalf to the American people, as it should be. Without these attacks on 911 selling American involvement here likely would not be difficult. It seems they may have picked the wrong target on 911.

For what its worth, the US should not get any more involved in Syria than it already is and it should scale back whatever operations it has to absolutely zero and get the h*ll out. Both the Al Qaeda "resistance" and the Syrian regime allied with Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia are all bitter enemies of America. It's best to let them fight it out among themselves and tear one another part. By getting the h*ll out this allows to better focus on our own defense needs.