Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Navy Yard Shooting And What It Shows.

By now, we have most of the facts surrounding yesterday's Washington Navy Yard tragedy.


The Left was sorely disappointed not to get some right wing Tea Party type as the perpetrator, and even more distressed to find out that it was a black man who didn't possess one of those scary "assault weapons', like the AR-15 idiots like Piers Morgan reported he had.

Instead, the killer, Aaron Alexis, used an ordinary hand gun and a shotgun.

It's been reported that Aaron Alexis was a mental case who had a history of multiple arrests with police in various states and was accused of committing numerous gun crimes, including firing a gun into his neighbor’s occupied apartment and blasting the tires off of a car in a fit of rage. According to all existing laws, he should never have gotten the Navy security clearance he held, let alone been able to obtain a firearm of any kind. Yet those laws were not enforced.

I'll ask the question no one else seems to be able to. Was his race a factor in why those laws weren't enforced and why he retained his security clearance, or was it just a simple screw up? Certainly the Fort Hood jihadi, Major Nidal Hassan would never have been in a position to murder 13 people while screaming 'Allahu Akbar' if it wasn't for political correctness.

Alexis had been seeing a psychiatrist and reported hearing voices , yet no one saw fit to remove him from work in a highly protected classified area. Of course, now we know that one of those voices was likely that of Joe Biden, saying "Buy a shotgun! Buy a shotgun!".

There's another, horrendous similarity to Fort Hood. Both the Army dispensary there and the DC Naval shipyard were gun free zones, by Federal law. So a killer following his own rules had free rein to murder, because his defenseless victims could not shoot back.

And that doesn't just apply to the Navy Yard. Washington DC has some of the most anti-Second Amendment laws in the nation. While the Supreme Court may have struck down the old laws, which were even worse, in practice, it is gun control nirvana. It's almost impossible in DC to obtain the kind of weapons Aaron Alexis used to murder unless you have the time, money, connections and patience to get the city bureaucracy to allow you to purchase arms to defend you and your family.

That was highlighted by yesterday's events. The elites, of course, were protected by their private security, courtesy of the taxpayers. But the rest of DC's residents in the area, as well as the personnel in the Navy yard had to just sit there and pray.

Originally, it was thought that there were multiple gunmen on the loose.

So the D.C. police sent out an advisory to residents with “Do not take action” in big letters. Instead, they got given an “event” number and instructions to call 911.

Soon after that they were ordered to “Shelter in place!”. This translates as, 'We know you're defenseless anyway, but don;t try to defend yourselves or you're loved ones if anything hairy happens. And don't run, either. Just hide and hope you get lucky this time.'

As it turned out, there was only one killer, and he got his just reckoning with a lethal dose of lead. But what if there had been more than one killer? How many would have died?

For that matter, even if Aaron Alexis slipped through the cracks, how much would the toll of dead and wounded have been reduced if his victims had the means to shoot back?

And the Left, including our president is using this tragedy as a call for gun control, to make us even more helpless. Have they no shame?

We indeed have psychos and monsters among us. We always have and always will. And they don't pay much attention to laws. Murderers will always be able to obtain firearms when they want them. They'll steal them, buy them illegally or even make them if they get a little easily acquired know how.

Taking away the means of Americans to defend themselves and their loved ones is not just heartless and inhumane. It is an affront to basic human dignity.

And it shows clearly how the elites feel about the rest of us. As Machiavelli said long ago, "When you are disarmed, you are not only defenseless but despised. "

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