Wednesday, September 11, 2013

'Moderate' Rouhani:Iran "Will Not Give Up One Iota" On Nukes

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No great surprise Ahmadinejad, Rouhani would never have been allowed to run for president, let alone win by the Supreme Council of Guardians if he wasn't totally on board with the Ayatollah's agenda. But it is grimly amusing to see how easily the nonsense about negotiations and 'engagement' tossed around by our appeasement minded President and his team get shattered, as the AFP describes Rouhani's rhetoric on nukes as ”echoing his hardline predecessor” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:

The comments come ahead of meeting later this month between his Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton on restarting negotiations on the Islamic republic’s disputed nuclear ambitions.

“Our government will not give up one iota of its absolute rights” on the nuclear issue, said Rowhani, a reputed moderate, repeating a mantra frequently used by his predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

President Rouhani's harsh response to the EU's Ashton came just a day after the chief of the U.N.’s IAEA released a statement that it was “essential and urgent” for Iran to satisfy international 'concerns' on its illegal nuclear program. The statement specifically called on Iran to cease stonewalling inspections of its enrichment activities, its efforts to bring online its plutonium reactor, and its acquiring technology that appears to be used in weaponization.

IAEA head Yukiya Amano was explicit:

“Iran is not providing the necessary cooperation to enable us to provide credible assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities,” he told the closed-door board session, according to a copy of his speech.

There's no reason at this point that the Iranians should feel compelled to negotiate anything.

The sanctions, loaded with waivers, are being laughed at. The only two countries capable of intervening militarily are the U.S. and Israel, and the Ayatollahs know Barack Obama isn't going to do anything..especially after this latest fiasco with Syria. They also know that the Israelis are being held back at present by President Obama's team because Rouhani is supposedly a 'moderate' who can be 'engaged with'.

'Peace in our time' indeed.

Meanwhile, the Russians are helping the Iranians beef up their air defenses, and are negotiating with Iran to build a second reactor.

What Obama's ultimate aim is here, I think,  is to vote present and force Israel's hand. After which, of course, he and his Israel-hating UN ambassador Samantha Power will lead the charge for  a 'nuclear free Middle East' aimed solely at taking away Israel's nuclear deterrent.

The Israelis will have to go through demonization and a probable break with the U.S. when they refuse, but Obama has that as his ultimate goal anyway, and I'm sure Netanyahu knows it.

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louielouie said...

and a probable break with the U.S. when they refuse,

ff has written about this before, under the theme of standing on their own feet.
this is my opinion.
i don't know where that joo gene for intelligence is sometimes.
what the joos had better realize is there is no waiting out hussein.
if/when he leaves the oval office, he may take a year hiatus, but he will be back at the UN.
on top of that, in ten years time, the US is going to be more anti-israeli than england is today.
the israelis had better cut bait now and start looking for a dependable ally.
in short, the joos had better do, what the okies are doing now. because washington/gov't, is not our friend.
washington is filled with a bunch of anons, you know, anons.