Monday, September 16, 2013

Obama Gets Ready To Engineer A Government Shutdown - And Blame The GOP

Having proven himself (again) a miserable failure at foreign policy, President Obama's next gambit is going to be to return to class warfare territory.

Aside from having his media worshipers revive the old 'blame Bush' song to try and cover Obama's foreign policy debacles, the next step will be to force a shutdown of the government and blame the Republicans for it.

Look for our Dear Leader to make the coming debt ceiling debate to be about food stamps, 'inequality', entitlement programs, the Evil Rich (translation: non-Obama donors grossing over $250K per year before taxes) and the even more Evil Republicans that represent them.The president and the usual suspects will almost certainly throw out a few dog whistle phrases that translate as racism.

Now, the House Republicans don't have to put up with this.Especially since even a blind man can see what's coming.

They can make the debate about cutting off spending on ObamaCare, legislation that is unpopular with 75% of Americans according to the latest polls.Even the unions want off that particular bus.

The GOP can literally marry these constituents politically. And yes, no matter what nonsense you hear from the timid, both the mandatory and the discretionary funding can be cut off. Congress does exactly that with the Hyde Amendment, which prevents funds going to MedicAid from paying for abortions with exceptions for incest and rape. It is a rider that is attached to the annual appropriations bill for the Department of Health and Human Services and has passed every year since 1976.Congress did the same thing when it came to aid to Nicaragua's contras, attaching a rider to defense allocations.

The GOP could even call for a national referendum on ObamaCare. After all, since the president has illegally delayed implementation of parts of it for partisan political purposes and Americans now have a much better idea of what's in it, to channel Nancy Pelosi, shouldn't they be able to vote on it?

They can make the debate about taxation, calling for cuts for America's besieged taxpayers.

And they can make the debate about ending the very selectively implied sequester, especially when it come to our military. Americans need to know about the defunding of Tricare and the arbitrary firings of military personnel to deny them pension rights and contrast that with the money spent on the president and his wife's multi-million dollar vacations and White House galas.

In short, instead of going into defense mode, they can go on the attack, let Americans know that they oppose a government shutdown but that in exchange, they want to hold this president to some common sense measures, particularly on ObamaCare.

Will they do it? Will they begin challenging the narrative that's being advanced? They will if they want to win elections.

So far, though, crickets. But we'll see.


Anonymous said...

You expect this from the Stupid Party? Face it, the Republicans are a waste of time.

louielouie said...

The GOP could even call for a national referendum on ObamaCare.

lemme see how that one flies?
philadelphia will vote 95% in favor of obamacare.
there will be two counties in ohio where not a single vote will be cast against obamacare.
results sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

The USA is far more than Philadelphia or two counties in Ohio. If the RNC and their reps hold a referendum against Obamacare they would be guaranteed to be successful and could stop the whole thing this guaranteeinh themselves electoral superiority for decades to come. There's one major problem though. The Republican leadership loves obamacare. There only problem is with the execution of it. Above all though Obamacate must be saved though. They will sacrifice their lives and their families to Elections be dammed. We must vote on principle. Save Obamacare at any cost. Sacrifice our lives.,our families lives.,and the,entire USA. We love
Obamacare. Save it any cost. So says the RNC.