Thursday, September 12, 2013

Huma Abedin Returns To HillaryLand

Huma Abedin  has returned to her position as Hillary Clinton's close personal aide and has pretty much written off  her husband now that Anthony Weiner's political career is over.

She was on an extended vacation from her position while Weiner was running for mayor of New York City, fundraising for and campaigning with Weiner, a real necessity given his, ummm, predilections and reputation. But that's all over now, and she's now back as the director of former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s transition office.

Abedin’s dual roles with her husband campaign and as an aide to Clinton were a bit problematic, especially after his second sexting scandal, when the Clintons were reportedly angered that Weiner's weinerschnizel and the connection via Huma could have a negative impact on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 White House bid.Apparently, all is now forgiven, at least when it comes to Huma. It appears she's jumped off Weiner's sinking ship and is back in Mrs. Clinton's entourage:

Weiner’s campaign initially said Abedin would be with him when he went to vote on election day Tuesday. Abedin was absent, which Weiner explained by saying she was “on a call.” Abedin also did not attend the Tuesday night party where he made a concession speech that did not thank her. According to the New York Post, Abedin spent election night Tuesday at a fundraiser for Clinton in Washington.


Ah well, I can't say I blame her much. Weiner is toast, burnt to a crisp, and of no further use to the Muslim Brotherhood.

I think what we're looking at is the beginning of sort of a Bill n' Hill style marriage, without the political partnership. I wouldn't be surprised if the Clintons found Weiner a job somewhere that requires him to be absent from New York City a lot, thus necessitating a separate residence.

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louielouie said...

could have a negative impact on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 White House bid

as ff has taken the cat out of the bag. unlike the most interesting man in the world, my two cents is not worth $37.50, it's only worth two cents.
first off, i think klebb underestimated and blew off the DNC in 2008. when she backed down from guiliani the DNC said she ain't enough of a commie for us. let's go find us a real commie.
and the rest is history.
where i'm going with this is what people in the stupid party were saying in 2011. we can run a dead dog against hussein and win.
not when election officials enter the final tally from their keyboards.
and the rest is history.
i'm wondering.
now that the mulatto has shown the commies how to do it.
i wonder how long it is before the DNC screws klebb, again, and says, "we can run a dead dog against anyone the stupid party puts up and win".
and the commies are correct, they can.
now don't get me wrong. i think klebb and bill are gonna destroy anyone who even makes a B-1 blip on the DNC radar. however, the media doesn't take it's marching orders from the clintons.
and considering people with the mentality of anon are going to be in the majority, can you say president "you didn't build that"?
a one term senator from a blue state.
sure you can.