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This Time It's Nairobi's Turn

It's a Saturday, and so you decide to head down to the local shopping mall, maybe check out the latest computer gadgets, perhaps grab some lunch at the food court, maybe even a movie. You've been there before. It's air conditioned, and it gets you out of the house, so it's a pleasant outing with the wife and kids if you're a family man.

Except this day isn't going to be like the others. Today, you picked the wrong place at the wrong time. Today, you're going to have a collision with the Religion of Peace, and it just might be your last day on earth.

Islamist terrorists from Somalia's al-Shabaab targeted the crowded Westgate Premier Shopping Mall in Nairobi,Kenya at noon in a brutal assault with bombs, automatic weapons and grenades that left 68 dead and over 205 wounded at last count.This is still an ongoing hostage situation. and some of the injured were critically wounded, so it's uncertain just what the final death toll will be yet. Some of the dead reportedly were from Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta's own family.

As is usual in these attacks, the killers showed no mercy for children, the elderly, or women.They were waging jihad, and the maximum body count of infidels was all that was important. In fact, the attack took place during the filming of a children’s cooking show under a parking lot canopy, something that ensured a number of casualties among the children and their parents watching the filming.

The al-Qaeda franchise took credit for the attack on its official Twitter feed: “Only Kuffar were singled out for this attack. All Muslims inside #Westgate were escorted out by the Mujahideen before beginning the attack,” Al-Shabaab tweeted.

This confirms what a number of survivors told Kenyan security forces, that the killers asked the Muslims they encountered to identify themselves and escorted them to safety as they opened fire on the 'kuffars' - non-Muslims.

In one reported case, an Indian man who attempted to escape by claiming to be a Muslim was executed in cold blood when he was unable to name Mohammed's mother.

“They asked people ‘Are you a Muslim?’ and anyone who answered ‘no’ got a bullet,” Moshe Noiman, an Israeli living in Nairobi who witnessed the attack, told Israel’s Channel 10 news.

The Israeli coverage is no accident.The Mossad and Israeli commandos are reportedly aiding the Kenyans, and while Israel and Kenya have close relations, it goes beyond that. The mall is partly owned by Israelis and some of the hostages are said to be Israelis.

An unnamed Kenyan security source told the AFP that Israeli forces had joined Kenyan efforts to end the deadly siege. "The Israelis have just entered and they are rescuing the hostages and the injured."

Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Paul Hirschson refused to confirm or deny that its forces were involved, which is typical in these situations.

But in  the end, none of it matters.

Beslan, Mumbai, Netanya, London, Boston, Bali, Ft. Hood, Itamar, Darfur, Madrid, and now Nairobi again. And so many others. They all blur into one, because over the last decade or so, we have, as a society, normalized terrorism in the name of Islam.

Same old same old.

Muslims murder non-Muslims horrifically because of whatever grievance they feel like claiming this time. One time it's an innocent remark about a beauty contest, another time it's some cartoons, or anger over girls going to school. Sometimes it's simply because non-Muslims have the temerity to live and prosper on 'Muslim' land. Many times, it's simply old fashioned theft, rapine and pillage against non-believers.

The perpetrators might call themselves Boko Haram, or Hamas, or Islamic Jihad, or Abu Sayeff or Al Nusrah, Lashkar e Taiba, or any of the other groups actively waging jihad.

The details don't matter. The scenario is always the same. Non-Muslims are butchered in the name of Allah.Western politicians, or more often these days spokespeople issue the usual, carefully phrased condemnations. Sometimes, the perpetrators are caught and killed, many times they're not. Nothing changes. On to the next atrocity. Cycle, rinse, repeat.

Have you ever wondered why this macabre dance continues?

Here's one clue.

IIf you take a look at the official statement on Nairobi by a State Department spokes person, you'll notice something. It condemns a 'despicable terrorist attack', offers condolences to Americans and others whom were 'tragically affected', commends Kenyan security forces and promises undefined 'support'. At the every bottom, almost as an afterthought, it mentions al-Shabaab, not as a mortal enemy, but as a 'threat'.

What's missing here?

Here's clue number two, a tweet posted by British PM David Cameron:“It’s been done in the name of terror, not religion.”

Ah, and also from the UK, courtesy of Zombie, who writes on how the BBC, once the gold standard in journalism is now willing to break the rules of Journalism 101 with a misleading headline ("Nairobi Westgate Shooting Kills 11 In Kenya") the opening lede, which refers to '11 people who died in a gun battle (which directly implies there was a 'shoot-out' between equal combatants) and a subsequent paragraph which refers to "armed criminals" rather than terrorists attacking helpless civilians.

Al-Shabaab is finally mentioned in passing in the lower paragraphs ( the part of the story a great deal of research tells us the vast majority of readers skip over) but like the statement coming from our State Department, no real mention of whom they might be or what might have been the motivation for the attack.

So, what do we have in common here? A frantic, almost manic attempt to avoid even hinting, let alone mentioning one word in any form: I S L A M.

The victims in Nairobi ('people affected by the attacks?' what unfeeling arrogance!) were murdered in the name of Islam by Muslims. And yes, is has everything to do with religion.Why else do you think only non-Muslims were targeted?

That's the missing piece here, and the refusal of our elites to face up to it is not only why it keeps happening, but why we've been encouraged as a society to normalize it.

Hey, sometimes trainwrecks happen, car crashes occur, or a building collapses. Sometimes terrorists hit for some reason. Just part of the risks involved with daily life. Workplace violence, like Fort Hood. The Lottery of Life. Stuff happens. Isn't that a shame. Just suck it up and be glad it wasn't you this time.

Heaven forbid anyone should ever delve into the motivation for every one of these attacks.

But walk with me awhile and let's take a look at this from a jihadi's view point.

Islam is the only major religion that promises Paradise as a heavenly reward for murdering kufars, infidels, non-believers. It says so directly in the Qur'an and the Hadiths, in numerous places.

Many Muslims don't follow these parts of their religion, but a substantial number do. So from the standpoint of a Muslim who believes what's stated in his or her religious scriptures and who has been indoctrinated that this is the way, the truth and the light, where's the downside in murdering non-believers, who the Qur'an says are Hell bound anyway? If you do it successfully and survive, you're a hero and nothing really bad is going to happen to you. Even if you're incarcerated, the humane West will see to it that you have top quality halal food, comfortable accommodations and in most cases an early release date, and you will be thought of as a hero. In fact, if you're lucky enough to be part of Hamas or the PLO, you'll even get paid a salary far beyond what you could earn outside jail courtesy of gullible Western donors and receive a hero's welcome when you're eventually kicked loose as a 'good faith gesture for peace'.

And if you die? You become an instant shaheed, a martyr, with a promised reward of 72 nubile young women to use and abuse as your sex slaves throughout eternity as a reward.

Major Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood killer who murdered 13 defenseless Army personnel understood this perfectly. He started by admitting to the murders in his opening statement, after he successfully demanded the right to represent himself at his trial. His defense consisted of calling three witnesses to get them to state on record that he was indeed the murderer of 13 people, including a pregnant private who lay wounded on the floor and pleaded with Hasan for her baby's life before he finished her off.

The judge, Colonel Tara Osborn obviously followed orders from higher up when she disallowed any evidence that pointed towards jihad or Islamism as Major Hasan's motive for the murders, the same thing that's been done with all of the other jihad attacks Islamic fascists have inflicted on the West. She actually tried to help Hasan by suggesting that the murders were the result of a sudden spontaneous flash of rage. But Major Hasan wanted his jihad as a Soldier of Allah and would have none of that:

"It wasn't done under the heat of sudden passion," Hasan said before jurors began deliberating. "There was adequate provocation — that these were deploying soldiers that were going to engage in an illegal war."

Not only that, but the evidence clearly showed that Hasan made thorough preparations for the killings, even going to the extent of putting paper towels in the pockets of his cargo pants to muffle the rattling of the extra ammo he was carrying to avoid arousing suspicion.

From Nidal Hasan's viewpoint, it's all good. He murdered a bunch of infidels, performed a successful jihad and is headed for a painless death via drug cocktail, followed by a traditional Muslim funeral like Osama bin-Laden's (which involves cursing non-believers) and a gala reception by Allah as an honored shaheed. Even his assets, over $300,000 in accumulated pay and benefits was donated to a charity, we're told, rather than being subject to civil recovery by the surviving victims or their families.And of course, we're not allowed to know which charity.

The jihadis who have murdered infidels from Boston, to London, to Mumbai, and now Nairobi see it exactly the same way, as a winning proposition. And that's been reinforced every time one of these attacks occur, because the non-Muslim world has refused to even condemn the ideology that drives this religiously sanctified murder, let alone punish the perpetrators or the societies that aid and abet it in any meaningful way, even in Muslim communities in the West.Is it any wonder it continues? Or that young Muslims want to emulate the Nidal Hasans? Do you think that might perhaps change if he were hung publicly with a piece of bacon shoved into his mouth and then simply dumped into the sea without Muslim rites? After all, we're being constantly told these attacks have nothing to do with Islam. so why not? And might things change if there were a price tag for aiding and abetting Islamic fascism, if the ideology itself was actually identified, targeted and attacked, especially in western countries? Might we see changes in Muslim countries that aid, finance and abet this ideology if there was a direct cost involved?

Instead, our elites have decided out of fear, political expediency or sheer personal financial gain to present Islamic terrorism as just one of those hazards of everyday life, something unpleasant that just happens and has to be expected sometimes, like a flood or a bad thunderstorm. Talk about blood for oil...

So the jihad against the West is going to continue. This time, it was Nairobi's turn. Tomorrow, it could be New York, or Zurich, or London or Nigeria. Or your town, your loved ones. It will continue because we allow it to continue, because we continue to live a lie.

Until we decide that enough is enough.

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