Friday, September 27, 2013

The Latest Leftist Idiocy - Allen West , 'Anti-Semite' !?!

When you write on a site like this, and you look at news coverage regularly and with even a pretense of objectivity, one thing becomes clear pretty quickly. Unless it' simply too outright in-your-face blatant to be ignored (and many times, even if it is), political or media figures on the Left can get caught mouthing outright stupidity, lying openly, stealing, committing fraud, serially abusing women, engaging in racism or numerous other types of disreputable behavior and get a pass provided they're down for the Leftist agenda. At worst, when it can't be ignored or spun, it gets buried pretty quickly.

On the other hand, when it comes to folks on the right of the spectrum, anyone the Left perceives as a political enemy, even the slightest hint of a misdeed makes headlines for weeks. And if there's isn't really anything there, the Left will cheerfully make it up and trumpet it anyway. That's especially true when the target is articulate and seems to be gaining some traction. The examples of this are too numerous even to mention.

I happened to run across this item from the Soros-funded galley slaves over at BuzzFeed..just look at this headline:

"Allen West Out At PJ Media! Sources say he had an anti-Semitic exchange with a staffer, calling her a “Jewish American princess.”

Gasp!!! Horrors!!

Ordinarily I would just laugh, shake my head and move on. The idea of Colonel West being a Jew hater is so hysterically funny that it could almost pass for an Onion headline.

But then, checking my spam file, I find a number of comments from Leftist trolls. like this one:

So it looks as though Allen West got caught calling a woman a 'Jewish American princess'. What a dilemma for Rob! Does his love for the moron West trump his pretend outrage over anti-Semitic slurs? I have my money on West - he himself would probably tell you that Jews have no principles... Ha!

Yes, believe it or not, we have an anonymous Jew haters accusing someone else of being a Jew hater! Talk about projection.I found about five of them in my spam pile, all as comments for different articles and all sounding suspiciously alike.

In the first place, knowing that in fact Colonel West is about as anti-semitic as I am, the idea that this is a 'dilemma' is pretty comical:

He was speaking an event commemorating the first full year of weekly rallies in support of Israel held at Broward Boulevard and Northeast Third Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, Florida...where Colonel West put his body on the line, actually confronting Hamas groupies personally for what he believes in - again.

BTW, the pro-Hamas rally he mentioned featured Arabs and Hamas groupies screaming 'Jews to the gas!' and made news all over the blogosphere.

This hero is who a bunch of Leftist trolls and media sycophants are calling 'anti-semite'.

So according to the Soros slaves at BuzzFeed, what actually went down? When you actually read the turgid nonsense beneath the lurid headlines, what's there's an internal memo BuzzFeed got hold off that states that he wasn't actually fired from PJ Media, but merely changed jobs to something less time consuming in order to focus on getting back into Congress. Which makes a lot of sense, when you consider it.

The stuff about West being 'fired' because of an altercation between West and a staff member whom he may or may not have called a “Jewish American princess” came from an anonymous sources or maybe from a particularly good marijuana spliff the writer was smoking. All the media savvy West said when BuzzFeed called him for a comment is that there was an altercation and that he was in the process of transferring jobs at PJ Media anyway to focus on politics.

I know Aubrey and Joyce Chernik slightly, who are involved in funding PJ Media (both wonderful people, proud Jews and committed pro-Israel Zionists), and I was thinking about e-mailing Joyce to see if there was anything at all to this. Lo and behold, before I got the chance there was an e-mail from Joyce in my inbox letting me know something I already was sure of, that this was absolute BS.

And what if there was an altercation? Things like that happen at companies all the time when people lock horns. So what? And the “Jewish American princess” nonsense? Again, if it even happened, so what? The species exists among Jews, I assure you, just as it does in most ethnic groups.

Al Sharpton can call Jews 'diamond merchants' , consort with known anti-semites and incite a pogrom where Jews are murdered, and no one in the media would refer to him as the anti-semite he is. Obama UN Ambassador Samantha Power could smirk when she called for a cutoff of all ties to Israel, and an invasion by U.S. forces to ethnically cleanse Jews from their homes in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria even though it would 'upset a politically influential domestic constituency.'
No one in the media referred to that as Jew hatred, even, amazingly, some Jews of the J-Street persuasion.

But I guarantee you that Col. Allen West will be slagged with the 'anti-semite' label whenever he runs for office in the future.

This is an excellent example of how the Left and their allies in the media use bogus narratives as propaganda.

As for Colonel West, he's faced far worse than anything these creeps can dish out and come up on top, smiling. It took blatant redistricting, $5 million of George Soros money and serial voter fraud to get him out of Congress last time, and even then he only lost by 1,904-vote, or 0.58 percent, just outside the 0.5 percent threshold to automatically trigger a recount of all votes.

But he learned something. And the next time, he'll be a lot more formidable.

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Anonymous said...

So how many of those castigating West actually watched the new reality TV show "Princess?" Seems they are reaching for straws and it snot pretty.

JAP actually is not so much antisemitic as it is anti-Jewish-woman started by the way by Jewish-liberal-men. Here is a post I wrote about it..

I am saddened to hear that he may have used that word, but not saddened enough to hand our county over to the real antisemites of the Left anymore. But as I said during the Paula Deen nonsense, how many of you would put every word you have ever said up to public scrutiny? I look at actions to judge who to respect.Those who would use this as a cudgel have nothing else with which to attack West.

The truth is this country has so many problems that the Left actually caused what they need to do is simply to deflect from their own inability to govern and function by denigrating an American patriot.

FYI-During the 80s society also used the acronym BAPS , black-American-Princess, which was made into a movie with Halle Barry.