Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Black Chicago Grassroots Response To Obama's SOTU

OK, so this isn't your typical south side or west side Chicago tavern. I've been in a number of them, and they don't look like this. And some of the dialogue seems a bit staged in places.

But I put this up because here, you see black voices saying what I'm amazed more black people aren't saying to a president whose policies have so disproportionally hurt black Americans, particularly the working class, the unemployed and the ones who, in the words of one of the people in this film 'aren't on the top rungs of the ladder.'

Most blacks still support President Obama on racial grounds, but there's a real groundswell of discontent when it comes to issues like dysfunctional and substandard education, amnesty for illegal aliens, rabid support for homosexual marriage and the job killing policies this president endorses.

It could be tapped and expanded if the GOP establishment actually treated American blacks as something other than a demographic to be pandered to. And the same goes for Latinos.

Here's a winning political philosophy in a nutshell, courtesy of one of my fave Black Uhuru tunes:

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