Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Ultimate Scam - A Year's Worth Of Free Food And Drink For The Price Of An Airline Ticket


I have to admit, the sheer ingenuity of this tickled me.

A Chinese man successfully used a single First Class plane ticket to eat and drink for free for a year.

His strategy? Ridiculously, eat and repeat.

Once he found out that the voucher on his first class ticket entitled him to partake in the VIP amenities at China’s Xi’an Airport which included a free meal at the lounge, he simply flashed the ticket, feasted on dishes which included a full buffet and ”Western food”. And then, instead of leaving through the gate,he just re-booked his flight for the next day!

According to the newspaper, staff members from China Eastern Airlines finally realized that the itinerary for one ticket had been postponed hundreds of times. So they began to investigate.

But once our friend realized that the game was over, he simply canceled his ticket, got a full refund, and left.

The airline told the media the company had no way to stop such a “rare act.”

Nor was there really anything they could do, really. The man was a First class ticket holder, really and he was entitled to eat at the VIP lounge..and there's really no way to prove that he changed his flight over 300 times just to chow down at China Eastern Airlines' expense.

So what we have here is the perfect crime, a year's worth of free food and drink that cost nothing except the price of a First Class airplane ticket..which was cashed in for a full refund!

I'm going to have to avoid using the old cliche about there being no such thing as a free lunch.

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