Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Video: Israel's Iron Dome intercepts 5 Rockets Fired At Ashkelon From Gaza

The Iron Dome rocket defense system intercepted five rockets fired by Palestinian terrorists based in Gaza at the Israeli city of Ashkelon early this morning. An additional rocket reportedly landed in an open, uninhabited area.

No casualties, but it's obvious that Hamas isn't really interested in a de facto 'truce' anymore.

Yesterday,two Kassam missiles were fired from Gaza towards Ariel Sharon's funeral at his Sycamore Ranch, in spite of IDF warnings to Hamas that there would be major consequences. Neither did any damage or caused any casualties, but the gesture was significant, and caused the IDF to launch attacks on a military compound and what was referred to as 'a terror infrastructure site', a description that probably applies to most of Gaza these days.

Aside from the deterrent factor, given what the Iron Dome missiles cost as opposed to what the Gaza missiles cost Hamas, it's obvious this situation can't continue like this.

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B.Poster said...

"Aside from the deterrent factor, given what the iron dome missiles cost as opposed to what the Gaza missiles cost Hamas, it's obvious this situation cannot continue like this." I agree. While defense is an important component of any nation's military strategy, a nation cannot rely strictly on defense alone.

There's two basic problems that I see with a defense only approach. 1.)It tends to be more expensive as one is always thwarting attacks and the enemy is able to mount new attacks at will. Money has to be constantly poured into defensive measures. 2.)It tends to sap the strength of the nation's warriors over an extended time period. There's other problems as well but this is the basic idea of why such strategies will fail over the long term.

With that said, I do have to give Israel credit. At least Israel and it's leaders are concerned with the defense of the nation. This is in contrast to US leaders who are not concerned about this. The US borders are left wide open, there is little if any scrutiny on who gets in, the strength of the troops and the equipment are being sapped in fruitless nation building operations, training of the troops for the 21st century battlefield is being neglected, investments in the proper equipment is being neglected, and the nuclear deterrent is being allowed to erode. At least Israel's leaders understand the importance of proper national defense unlike America's.

Israel will need to promulgate strategies for it's national defense based upon it's unique situation. This is not really something America can decide for them nor should America attempt to do such a thing. American leaders have shown they are uniquely unqualified for such a task. Even if they were, they are not in Israel's position. As such, they could never hope to understand. In fact, the Israeli leader who said the best thing John Kerry could do is to win the Nobel prize and leave us alone said it best!!

With this said, I'd humbly suggest a different course for Israel. First would be a careful study of modern history. This would include the following, at least from American history: 1.)In it's early days, America faced a genocidal enemy in the American Indian who was determined to exterminate the colonists. 2.)America and the allies faced down Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan and their allies in WWII. 3.)The US also had the Mexican-American war.

How were these wars won? While defense played a vital role, they were NOT won by defense alone. Furthermore Hamas poses a greater threat to modern Israel than any of the above enemies ever posed to America or its "allies." Israel is fully justified in using any and all means at it's disposal to eliminate the threats posed to it by Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, and all the states that support them. This would have the advantage of making the nation more secure and it would lower the cost of national defense in the mid to long term.

If there's any way America could assist, by all means we should assist our ally but frankly I think the best approach for us would be to simply get out of the way. We've caused enough pain and suffering to Israel over the many decades.