Monday, January 27, 2014

Never Forget....Never Again

Look at the faces, and the photographs. Look at the faces of the Germans forced to view what almost all them knew was going on.

Look at the German officer who shot himself rather than face justice for the atrocities he had committed.

Little did he know that the odds were in his favor for getting a light sentence and living to a peaceful old age.Out of the German military and officials who directly participated in the Holocaust, almost all of them were out of jail in less than ten years,if they were even imprisoned at all.

The Holocaust was a unique experience in human history, where the armed might of a nation made the extermination of unarmed and defenseless people who posed no threat to them a war aim. Unlike other similar episodes, the idea wasn't enslavement for profit, or military victory, or driving people out of a coveted territory for nationalist reasons and simple theft and plunder. It was a war against the Jews, an organized campaign whose purpose was murder, the complete slaughter of every Jewish man, woman and child, plain and simple. Remember that the next time you hear some idiot misuse the term 'Holocaust'.

'Never Again' is more than a slogan. And here's a message to the Tribe, especially those of you who take pleasure in denigrating Israel or think it means nothing to you. It is a strong vibrant and powerful Israel that turns "Never Again' from a slogan into something with a promise of becoming reality. It ensures that this will never happen to Jews again, either to you or to Jews in far off countries like Ethiopia, Yemen, Iraq....

It has a direct effect on your own life.

Think about it.

(Thanks to Bookworm for the video)


UCSPanther said...

Some real sick youtube comments on that video.

It emphasizes why Israel needs to stay strong, and why Jews should be armed...

Anonymous said...

It emphasizes why any people should be armed.

Democide, genocide and massmurder killed more people over the past century than all wars put together.