Monday, January 06, 2014

California Democrats Preparing A Boatload Of New Taxes.

California is a Democrat-ruled state, with super majorities in the Assembly and the state Senate, and control of all other major state offices including the governor's mansion.

That's already resulted in the highest taxes in America, defacto amnesty for illegal aliens including driver's licenses, the strictest anti-Second Amendment laws outside of New York's, and the imposition of same sex marriage in spite of state laws, among other things.

Here's what they have planned for the coming year.

New taxes on oil are on the agenda, in spite of the fact that the oil companies already pay half a billion dollars to the state of California each year. Spearheading the drive is billionaire activist
Tom Steyer, a global warming advocate who has poured millions into issues like opposition to the Keystone Pipeline and carbon other words, he's opposed to oil, period.

The wealthy Steyer could obviously care less, but California already has some of the highest gas prices in America thanks to California's high sales taxes, fees on energy companies, property taxes and business levies. While the oil extraction tax he wants might pass the legislature and give Sacramento a few dollars to spend, it will simply result in less revenue as even higher gas prices result in people simply cutting back on useage and oil companies ramping down their production in California and transferring it elsewhere. That will end up causing a loss to what California now collects from the industry, and a loss of high paying blue collar jobs.

The state is planning try to to more than double car license fees, including a 1% 'value' levy each year. That will have to go on the ballot, but California's Democrats have something planned for that too.Just as a coincidence, also want to legislate how propositions relating to taxation can be passed. Right now, it takes a 2/3 majority of the voters. The new proposal is to make it a simple majority.

And that relates to yet another huge tax increase.

The last time Democrats had this kind of control of the Golden State back in the 1970's, they pushed property taxes to the absolute limit. Elderly people were literally being forced out of homes they'd lived in for decades, and the housing market had taken a major dip as new home buyers looked, aghast, at what they would be expected to pony up.

In response, there was literally a tax payers revolt that culminated in the passage of Proposition 13 in 1978 , which limited the amount property taxes could be raised annually and set a high bar for how government can raise them.

Democrats have always singled out Proposition 13 for special hatred,because it limited increases to 'special assessments' rather than the wholesale plundering they wanted. Now that they have control of the state again, they want to gut Prop 13 and get their hands on one of the last sources of wealth remaining to the middle class and the elderly.

Right now, the way this is being pushed is as a way to rob from corporately owned properties...something that will simply do wonders for California's double digit unemployment and skyrocket rents, something the politicians backing this aren't mentioning. Rest assured once Prop 13 is breached, residential properties won't be far behind.

It would take a two thirds majority in both Houses and governor Browns signature to push this through, which is a no brainer right now.It will bring about the same misery and destruction of the housing market it did back in the 1970's.

Thinking of moving to California because of the weather? Take a tip from Woody Guthrie..even commies get it right sometimes:

Or better yet, just do a little research and see where California's middle class, jobseekers and retirees are moving.

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louielouie said...

Or better yet, just do a little research and see where California's middle class, jobseekers and retirees are moving.

i'm thinking of starting a "stay in california" campaign.
you know. sort of like the mr. silva discussion, in the bond movie skyfall, about getting rid of rats on an island.