Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Israel Thwarts Al-Qaeda Attack On U.S. Embassy

Israel's Shin Bet thwarted a major terrorist attack by al-Qaeda using Palestinian Arabs and hard core terrorists from the Caucasus with fake Russian passports.

The targets were the US Embassy in Tel Aviv, the Jerusalem Convention Center and buses on the Jerusalem-Maaleh Adummim route.

The plan was to have suicide bombers attempt to blow themselves up in the entrance to the US embassy in Tel Aviv,and to coordinate that attack with a simultaneous assault on buses riding on the Maaleh Adummim-Jerusalem line.

The Jerusalem National Convention Center was also to be targeted by suicide bombers in a classic jihadi combo, one bomber to blow himself up inside the building a second one detonating a truck bomb as people tried to flee the first explosion and police and medical personnel arrived to increase the casualties.

Three of the conspirators are in custody, while a fourth is still being sought.

Ayad Abu-Sara, an Arab resident of East Jerusalem, was to be sent to Syria to receive training for the planned attacks. His role was to assist and to look after a group of terrorists arriving from Russia with false papers.

e would then facilitate the twin attacks, which were to be carried out by al-Qaeda operatives entering Israel with Russian paperwork, according to the Shin Bet. Abu-Sara is one of the trio now under arrest.

According to the Shin Bet a Gaza-based al-Qaeda operative, Oreib al-Sham, was the point man for the attacks. Al-Sham is still at large.

A second recruit, Rubin Abu-Najma, is a married father of four from the Jerusalem neighborhood of Abu Tor.Al-Sham recruited him to attempt to kidnap an IDF soldier from the central bus station in Jerusalem and to aid in the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv attacks. According to my sources, he may have been the one chosen to set off the truck bomb at the Convention Center. He apparently sang a real aria to the Shin Bet, revealing where he had trained and the set up of the plot.

Jihadi #3 is Ala Anam, a 21-year-old resident of Aqaba, a town near Jenin in the Arab occupied area of Judea and Samaria.

All 3 men revealed that Al-Sham contacted them via social media over the internet.

Even more interesting, current al-Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri is reportedly to have taken a hand in planning this personally.

It's not too difficult to figure out al-Qaeda's strategy here, since it comes from Mohammed and the Qu'ran. The idea is multiple attacks on high profile targets, to erode any feeling of safety or security
in the target area.

In spite of our president's chest thumping, al-Qaeda is hardly 'on the run.' In fact, due to his actions, they're far stronger and better armed than they were before he took office.

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