Monday, January 20, 2014

Putin Vs. Obama - A Head To Head Comparison

Putin v Obama

Enough said....

(h/t, Bookworm Room)


B.Poster said...

I would tend to agree regarding a comparison of Mr. Obama and Mr. Putin. Mr. Putin clearing seems to be the more capable and cunning leader. Frankly, I wish we had someone like Mr. Putin ruling America.

With that said the challenges faced by the US and Russia are vastly different. Mr. Putin came into a relatively good situation with Russia. Russia's problems are miniscule compared to America's. As such, being President of Russia is a much less difficult job than being POTUS is.

Mr. Obama came into a VERY bad situation as a result of the actions of his predecessor. Of course Mr. Obama by his own actions has made the situation MUCH worse, Mr. Putin on the other hand did not and does not face challenges of this magnitude.

Mr. Putin is the much stronger and faster of the two men in a comparison between him and Mr. Obama. Also, the nation that Mr. Putin heads is far stronger and has more allies than the nation Mr. Obama heads. As such, while the pictures here are illuminating, I'm not sure there is really any good way to "stand up" to Putin. One does not generally get in the face of more powerful men than they and make demands. Such things look down right silly at best and are at worst suicidal.

To deal with Mr. Putin will require novel approaches of thinking. A great place to start would be to remove any military assets and any diplomatic support from former Soviet and former Eastern Bloc countries. Attempting to prevent Russian expansion into these areas is a futile maneuver any way and can only lead to a bad outcome. In return for us changing course here, we might be able to persuade Russia to withdraw support from Iran. If this happens, Iran who poses an existential threat to America becomes much easier to deal with. Will such an approach work? It's hard to say but it would seem to be better than the ones we are currently employing.

Geoffrey Britain said...

GREAT comparative pictures.