Thursday, January 09, 2014

The Israeli Knesset Shoots Down Labor's Attempt to Give Israel Away

The Israeli Knesset shot down a bill this week presented by Israel's Leftist Labor Party that would have prevented Israel from ever annexing any land unless the Palestinians okay it.

Labor MK Hilik Bar and his friends were somehow unable to comprehend that a law like this would literally hold Israel hostage to the demands of the Palestinian Authority and their new partners, Hamas.

"You are reaching a moment of truth, in which you have to look in the mirror of history and realize that we need to separate from the Palestinians," opposition leader Isaac Herzog (Labor) said to the coalition. "If you don't take this opportunity now, history will judge you, because we will become an isolated, binational state."

Actually, Herzog's plan would definitely create an isolated state, and one with indefensible borders at the mercy of Israel's enemies.

The bill was voted down with 44 opposed, including MKs from Tzipi Livni's Hatnua and Yesh Atid; only 25 MKs voted in favor, which pretty much means Labor, the ultra-Left Meretz and maybe some of the Arab Mks.

Deputy Minister for Liaison with the Knesset Ofir Akunis responded to Bar's proposal, saying that the government is in the middle of negotiations and will bring whatever agreement it reaches to the Knesset for approval.

However, Akunis added, the legislature cannot decide the guidelines for talks with the PLO.

"Why do you have such passion to give away parts of our homeland?" Akunis asked Bar.

Here's the easy answer. It's a mixture of self-loathing and stupidity.


Anonymous said...

The Israeli Left is mentally deranged. No kidding.
Totally meshugga.

B.Poster said...

"Why do you have such passion to give away parts of our homeland?" The same thing could be asked of American leaders as well. America's leaders want to essentially give America away to a certain nation south of our borders via amnesty.

"It's a mixture of self-loathing and stupidity." I tend to agree. At least, this is the case with America's leaders, not sure about Israel's but the problems both nations face are very similar and the responses by the leaders of both nations is very similar.

In America's case it's mostly stupidity brought about by ideological blindness. Essentially America has conflicts with various nations. The left, which dominates American politics and has for decades, tends to view things as though America's relations with other nations happen in a vacuum. For example, if America is more accommodating to Mexico, Iran, Russia, China, or any other nations it has conflicts with these nations will automatically reciprocate. In other words, the entire onus to change things is on America. Adversaries and potential adversaries are never expected to actually make any concessions.

This approach has only worked to embolden our enemies. At this time America faces the greatest conflagration of powerful enemies arrayed against it as any nation on earth has ever faced. Israel faces a similar problem.

America faces two additional problems that Israel does not face. 1.)Israel has a covenant relationship with G_d as can be observed in the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Scriptures. As such, the survival of Israel and the Jewish people is assured. America has no such promise. 2.)America's military is worn down from continued fruitless nation building operations, the morale of the forces has been drained, and the military is improperly configured or trained for the 21st century battlefield.

At least the Israeli Israeli Knesset had the good sense to vote down such a measure. In contrast, the US Congress is trying any thing and every thing through hook or crook to give away large parts of America through amnesty. Congratulations to the Israelis for taking the first step to sanity. Hopefully Americans will follow their example.