Monday, January 06, 2014

Something to Think About Concerning The Big Freeze In The USA


To the distress of the global warming groupies, what we appear to be seeing now is a trend towards global cooling, a theory a number of scientists have now come out for.

The average temperature today in America is a chilly 19.9°Fahrenheit. Airports, schools and roads are closed nationwide, and temperature records in places like Chicago have been smashed.

In Canada, it's so cold they're experiencing what are called 'frost quakes' - sonic boom type explosion that occur when rain and ice seeps down into the soil freezes when the temperature drops and then expands with a loud explosion as the temperature drops further.

And in Europe, some people are comparing this winter to a period in the 14th century known as 'the year without summer'.

We live in a time when 'climate change' - actually, an excuse for a wealth transfer from the developed western world to UN and EU bureaucrats and selected cronies - has led to carbon taxes, 'smart grids' that can regulate when and how you use your appliances,various green energy scams while proven technology is handicapped and shut down and even the banning of the light bulb in favor of hazmat creating mercury-filled devices at ten times the price.

Here's something to mull over as you shiver...what if all of these devices, products and processes were what was keeping a major cooling of the earth at bay? Geologically speaking, the earth has an ice age on average every ten thousand years or so and we were overdue before the 'global warming' Nazis began using this as a new avenue of government control and in many cases,personal enrichment.

What if the entire 'global warming' campaign is responsible for the Big Chill that's going on now?

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