Friday, January 24, 2014

French Billboard Company Cancels Jewish Themed Ads Because Of Vandalism

A French advertiser has decided to scale back a campaign for the Jewish oriented dating site JDate after a number of its billboards, similar to the one above  were vandalized with anti-semitic graffiti..

Thierry Courrault, the regional director for JC Decaux, a large French billboard company, told French Jewish news site Le Monde that the company decided to pull 18 billboards out of 100 advertising JDate because of “vandalism against our property, swastika graffiti and broken windowpanes".

"In this very particular current context, it was to avoid the proliferation of such acts,” adding that the decision “was commercial and does not represent any position on the issue.”

No position on Jew hatred? Faire Français pouvez-vous obtenir? (How French can you get?)

Most of the vandalized billboards were located in the western Paris suburb of Nanterre, which has a substantial 'immigrant' population.

On Jan. 19, less than a week ago, the remains of a freshly slaughtered wild boar were found on the doorstep of the Saint-Brice-sous-Foret synagogue north of Paris. The following day, the Chabad synagogue in the western Paris suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt was hit by vandals painting swastikas on its facade.

même chose jour différent

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