Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Drool, Brittania - Dhimmi-itis in the UK

A number of disturbing items popped up today on the other side of the pond.

For a start, our old friend Muhammed Abdul Bari, head of the jihadi front group the Muslim Council of Britain compared the British government to the Nazis and claimed that it was "unfairly targeting" Muslims, and said that it was undermining their status as "equal citizens".

Bari also rejected Tony Blair's call for Muslims to do more to fight terrorism and essentially said that Islamic terrorism is Britain's fault: "The attempt to place the problem on one doorstep is unfair and counter-productive." He blamed the "relentless barrage" of anti-terrrorism laws, saying they were "hastily formulated responses masquerading as policy....Politicians have failed to consider underlying causes of Muslim disaffection and have reacted hastily by over-legislating."

So, as you see, cousins, it's all your fault when Muslims blow things up.

Even funnier is that you Brits subsidize this kind of blatant treason to the tune of £50,000 a year.

Bari has no actual problem with Nazis,of long as they target Jews. When PM Tony Blair first formed the group and asked them for recommendations on what Britain could do to help British Muslims integrate better into British society, number one on the MCB's list was to abolish
the British Government's recognition of Holocaust Remembrance Day...something the MCB still boycotts.

One of the Muslim Council of Britain's pet peeves is the problem British politicians, citizens and police have with the veil and the Muslim femme mask, otherwise known as the niqab.

Here's a little item that caught the eye - one of Britain peace loving Muslims wanted for the murder of a policewoman fled Britain in a veil!

Apparently, Mustaf Jama assumed his sister’s identity, wore a niqab and used her passport to evade the supposedly stringent checks at London's Heathrow airpor..and flew the coop, no doubt chuckling at how stoopid those dhimmis in Britain are. with21 criminal convictions,Mustaf was the most wanted man in Britain.

It's come out that the customs officers at Heathrow were routinely failing to unveil Muslim `females', not wanting to deal with the complaints or lawsuits. Since this dodge has been used before by Islamic terrorists, there's no telling who might be in Britain presently. Or, in the words of the OG, `War is deception'.

Of course, for a great many Brits, the real threat isn't those peace loving Muslims, but Israel.

Today, number of British artists, writers and musicians led by author John Berger wrote a letter to the Guardian (where else!) calling for an artistic boycott of Israel. The list included musician Brian Eno, film director Ken Loach, artist Cornelia Parker, writer Arundhati Roy and about 90 others.

The letter, of course, accused Israel of being an apartheid racist state, killing children, and `stealing Palestinian land' and calls on artists not to exhibit, show or allow their works to be published in Israel and to boycott and demonstrate against any Israeli artists performing or exhibiting in the UK.

Apparently, the boycott has already had a small effect. In August the Edinburgh International Film Festival refused a donation from the Israeli Embassy in London after pro-Palestinian groupies bombarded the organizers with hate mail and phone calls and threatened to demonstrate at the event.

The Irish Film Festival also canceled its sponsorship arrangement with the Israeli Embassy in Dublin for the screening of an Israeli film.

I wonder if the signatories are planning to boycott everything Israeli..including computers, cell phones and high tech medical procedures?

Somehow I don't think so.

The amazing hypocrisy, stupidity and cowardice of people like this shouldn't amaze me anymore..yet it still does.

Some of them simply hate Jews, others have no awareness of the facts and still others have swallowed the cowardly and facile notion that if Israel magically disappeared, the Islamist assault on Britain and the west would magically disappear and their own personal behinds would be protected at the expense of the Jews of Israel.

They couldn't be more wrong...but it is a waste of time to try to convince them of that.


Anonymous said...

7 million Jews in Israel are responsible for the failures of 350 million Arabs? That's Ahmadinija-logic.

Or is that illogic?

Anonymous said...

"They couldn't be more wrong...but it is a waste of time to try to convince them of that."

Don't give up so easily. I managed to convince a friend of mine who mistakenly thought that the Jews stole Arab land, and that Israel kills American soldiers (USS Liberty).

Anonymous said...

Hey FF check this out -

Nothing was mentioned of him being a jihadi. Although he was a muslim angry at the joos for causing all the turmoil in the middle-east.

Freedom Fighter said...

I agree. Letting Haq (the man who shot up the Seattle Jewish Center and killed and wounded women working there) off like this is a miscarriage of justice.

I don't care what they say about `life without parole. He deserves to die.

He'll go to an asylum for awhile, and then be let out. Wait and see.