Sunday, December 31, 2006

Weekend Monkey & Freedom Fighter say:"Happy New Year!"

FF: Howdy Weekend Monkey! Ready to greet the New Year?

WM:You betcha, Freedom Fighter..let's lay one on the primates!

FF: Must you use that term? Anyway, the last time we did this, Monkey, was right before the `06 midterms.

WM:Yeah, and I took your money bigtime, didn't I?

FF: That you did, Weekend Monkey...and then got hustled out of all of it and more by OJ Simpson at golf!

WM: Hey, it wasn't my best moment, OK?

FF: Hopefully you learned from the experience...I warned you about gambling and sucker bets. And I hope you've resolved to cut down on the drinking and carrying on a little bit.

WM: Hey, a little Bushmills' and banana extract occassionally never hurt anyone. It's always five o'clock somewhere.

FF: By the way, did that camel ever get shipped to Jersey? You know,the prize for the winner in the `You're the Qadi ' contest?

WM: Hey, I put the winner in touch with Ibn Habish. Now it's out of my hands.

FF: Getting back to the elections, I must admit, you surprised me with how savvy you were about the `06 called pretty much every race right. What do you say we try some predictions for `07?

WM: Wheee! I am so there..tell you what. Let's do multiple choice and let the primates weigh in with their predictions as well as ours. At the end of `07, we'll check back and see who got the most right. Can I have some champagne?

FF: Hey, why not?'s already 2007 in a lot of places.

Ok...You members of Joshua's Army can make your own picks, and Weekend Monkey and myself will make our predictions for 2007 at the bottom. Here goes:

1) On 12/31/2007, the Dow will stand closest to

a) 12,000

b) 13,000

c) 10,500

d) 14,000

2) The main accomplishments of the new Congress in 2007 will be:

a) an amnesty bill for illegal aliens

b) a comprehensive change of income tax legislation

c) suppoenas and investigations

d)a military draft act

e) all of the above

f) none of the above

3) In Iraq, at the end of 2007, pick the most likely scenario:

a) The US will be completely disengaged, with few if any troops there.Iraq will have dissolved into open civil war, with the US and Iran each having proxies.

b)The US will still be in Iraq. The country will remain as a shaky democracy. Troop levels will be higher than now.

c)US troop levels will be down, with most if not all of them deployed in an independent Kurdistan. The Shia and Sunni will be fighting over what's left.

d) US troops will be gone from the region.Iraq will split more or less peacefully, with the Kurds maintaining their territory and the Shia taking over most of what's left, with Iran's help.

4)At the end of 2007, the two front runners for the Democratic nomination will be :

a) Clinton and Obama

b) Clinton and Edwards

c) Obama and Edwards

d) Clinton and Kerry

e) No clear frontrunners, or someone else.

5) At the end of 2007. the frontrunners for the Republican nomination will be:

a) Giuliani and McCain

b) Giuliani and Romney

c) McCain and Romney

d) Gingrich and Giuliani

e) Gingrich and McCain

f) Someone else, or no clear frontrunners.

6) The Supreme Court will issue important rulings on:

a) Roe v Wade

b) eminent Domain

c) School desegregation

d) all of the above

e) none of the above

7) The best picture of 2006 will be:

a) Dreamgirls

b)Letters from Iwo Jima

c)The Departed

d) The Queen

e) Babel

f) Apocalypto

g) none of the above

8) Best Actor will be:

a)Forest Whitaker, The Last King of Scotland

b)Peter O'Toole, Venus

c)Leonardo DiCaprio, The Departed

d)Will Smith, The Pursuit of Happyness

e) Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat

f) someone else

9) Best Actress, 2006:

a)Helen Mirren, The Queen

b)Judi Dench, Notes on a Scandal

c)Meryl Streep, The Devil Wears Prada

d)Kate Winslet, Little Children

e)Penélope Cruz, Volver

f) Cate Blanchett, The Good German

g) Someone else

10)Major political figures like to die in 2007: (pick three or less)

a) Mahmoud Abbas

b)Ismail Haniyeh

c) Ariel Sharon

d) Arlen Spector

e)Queen Elizabeth II

f) Fidel Castro

g) Kim Jong Il

h) Hosni Mubarak

i) none of the above

11)The following developments will occur concerning Iran:

a)A US pre-emptive strike on Iran.

b)The Islamic Republic successfully tests a nuclear weapon while the US continues ineffective sanctions, becomes more isolationist and learns to live with a nuclear Iran.

c) Iran gradually becomes less paranoid and more reasonable due to the sanctions. Negotiations occur between the US and Iran.

d) With US clandestine help, the Iranian government is overthrown and a Western friendly government takes over in its place

12) The politicians most likely to be out of power in 2007: (pick three)

a) Hugo Chavez

b) Tony Blair

c) Ehud Olmert

d) Mahmoud Abbas

e) Hosni Mubarak

f) George W. Bush

g) none of the above

13) The big surprise story of 2007 will be:

a) George W. Bush is impeached

b) A major global recession

c) New cures for cancer and diabetes using adult stem cells.

d) A major terrorist strike on US and/or UK

e) A major breakthrough in energy production that cuts back significantly on petroleum use

f) Prince Charles becomes King of England and announces that he's a Muslim.

Well, there you have it JA members. Scroll down for Weekend Monkey and my predictions. And fromboth of us, have an absolutely wonderful New year, blessed with health, wealth and happiness!!

Weekend Monkey's predictions:

1)B, 2)E, 3)B, 4)B, 5)A, 6)D, 7)C, 8)C, 9)E, 10)A,C,F, 11)B, 12)B,C,D, 13)D

Freedom Fighter's Predictions:

1)B, 2)E, 3)A, 4)B, 5)A, 6)D, 7)D, 8)E, 9)A, 10)A,C,F, 11)B, 12)B,C,D, 13)D

See you next year!


Anonymous said...

13 is D. But then again, that wouldn't exactly be a heart-stopper anyway.

Rosey said...

11)E, None of the above

Soccer Dad said...

What's with you man don't you know that the only medical breakthroughs will occur due to fetal stem cells? Don't you read the MSM?